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How Can I Tell If My SEO Company Is Doing A Good Job?

One of the most important things to know about SEO agencies is that some of them are going to hurt your rankings in the long run. There are countless small businesses that relied on some SEO agencies and ended up with huge ranking problems because of the black hat techniques that were utilized. Also, some startups invested thousands to quickly rank because of the promise of an agency, only to end up being scammed.

You cannot simply hire an SEO company and expect great work to be done. You have to know if the work done is good or not. This is why you should be really careful when the following signs that the SEO company does a good job for you, according to Peter Kent, SEO for Dummies Author.

Deliverables Are Presented

The good SEO firm will show you what work is done. First-page results might not appear, especially at the beginning, but evidence is presented of the tasks done. As an example, a report offered by the SEO agency might include:

  • Bew dofollow backlinks that were obtained.
  • Website audit, including content, homepage, link profile, action points, and more.
  • New content that was created for your pages or some changes that are recommended for the existing content.
  • A monthly or weekly report with all the work that was done, together with ranking changes that appeared.

Remember that an SEO agency cannot do magic and improve rankings overnight. However, they need to do things and they have to show you what is done.

Improvement Recommendations

Contrary to popular belief, the SEO agency does need your help in many cases or it cannot get great results. This is why when it recommends that you do something, it shows that the agency actually wants to create a partnership that is beneficial for you. Usually, when complying with the requests, rankings increase faster.

Some examples of what an SEO agency might recommend are:

  • Launching a blog
  • Creating social media channels
  • Launching a thorough content marketing plan
  • Adding content to web pages
  • Building internal links
  • Performing link profile audits
  • Improving website speed
  • Disavowing the spammy links

When the agency makes recommendations like the ones presented, they want to improve your SEO footprint. In some cases, these tasks might end up costing you but they are done because the company tries to help.

SEO Rankings Increase

This is a pretty obvious sign that the SEO agency is doing something right. When the SEO agency offers better rankings, there is a pretty good possibility that the work done is very good. Some signs of trustworthy and legitimate improvement are:

  • The website ranks on Google on page one
  • The site ranks well for different longtail keywords
  • The website ranks for the targeted keywords
  • The rankings for the keywords you choose remain consistent. It is normal to see some level of shifting but this should not be constantly going down or drastically going down.

Traffic Goes Down but Revenue Increases

This is something that few people know. There are many cases in which an SEO agency is hired and there is a traffic drop that appears.

It is normal to be concerned when you see traffic going down but this is only the case in the event that revenue also goes down. At the same time, it is very common to see traffic going down and revenue going up.

The goal of an SEO campaign is to gain targeted traffic. There is never a goal of blindly increasing traffic. Good traffic is practically made out of people that are interested in the services/products you offer. When the SEO agency does good work, you get traffic that has a much higher possibility of converting. This increases revenues.

Final Thoughts: At the end of the day, the most important thing to understand is that you have to monitor the SEO agency. You cannot simply blindly trust that the work done is very good and that results will appear in the future. Simply because you see the signs mentioned above does not mean that the SEO agency is helping you.

As a very simple extra tip, it is a very good idea to set up a good communication channel with the SEO agency. Make sure that you can communicate. This is because there is a very big possibility that you are going to have some questions you need to ask. The representative of the agency, usually the account manager, will need to respond.

The way in which you communicate with the SEO agency can easily dictate results. You need to be comfortable with the people that you work with and although you might feel that you hired a specialist so he/she should do everything, your influence on the gained results will be huge. Never work with an SEO agency that you cannot properly communicate with.

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