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These Are The Top 27 Brands Globally For 2020 According To Consumers

KPMG has recently conducted a global survey for customer experience. The survey is entitled «Global Customer Experience Excellence Research 2020».

The survey was conducted by KPMG International’s Global Customer Center of Excellence and shows that consumers are more likely to believe that businesses have improved in the way they manage, meet, and exceed their expectations after the Covid-19 pandemic. The brands of the various companies that participated in this survey were ranked based on the six pillars set by KPMG to achieve an excellent customer experience: personalization, integrity, expectations, resolution, time and effort, and empathy in order to identify the top companies brands in each country.

The pillar that marked the biggest positive change (4% increase) is expectations. This suggests that consumer expectations have been redefined based on the effects of the pandemic, which means that businesses are succeeding and responding to them, often in a way that wins over impressions.

The effects of Covid-19 continue to be felt around the world and businesses need to be able to anticipate and prepare for changes in their customers’ needs, behaviors, and preferences.

The leading companies in this year’s global survey are perfectly adapted to meet new and emerging customer requirements in the future. Many start-ups already had a problem-solving culture before the pandemic while investing in digital tools designed to make their customers’ lives easier.

The findings were based on 101.162 consumers in 27 countries, who participated in the survey evaluating 2.060 unique brands from different industries in order to identify those that offer great customer experience in 2020.

Customer experience is improving worldwide

  • Overall, 17 of the 19 markets previously included saw an annual increase in the Excellent Customer Experience index.
  • Cost and Value are now key determinants of loyalty
  • Unlike previous years where they had little impact. In addition, the brands are considered to offer a better value for money, with the results showing an increase of 3%.
  • All brands ranked at the top of the survey exceeded the market average for each of the six pillars. In fact, the leading brand in each market typically exceeded the average rating of the respective market for each pillar by about 10 to 12%.
  • Retail (except grocery products) is the industry with the strongest return on customer experience in 2020, with Financial Services following.
  • Twelve of the top companies are financial institutions. Most of them provide traditional services, however, none of these companies operate in the «traditional» way. Instead, they focus on making a difference in the lives of their customers based on ethical and sustainable goals.
  • The Logistics industry has seen the largest increase in performance in 2020 (6%), revealing that customers’ expectations for deliveries have shifted to the current environment where home delivery is the norm.

Top 27 brands globally amid COVID- 19 pandemic for 2020 according to consumers:

  1. Australia: First Choice Liquor
    Offers a variety of wine, beer, and spirits. It’s the number one store in Australia due to exceptional service.
  2. Austria: TCAMTC
    It is the largest automobile club in Austria with 2.2 million members.
  3. Brazil: Sodiê Doces
    Brazil’s most popular cake shops with 300 owned and franchised outlets.
  4. Belgium: Argenta
    It’s a bank and insurance company for families. Nowadays, has a strong focus to digital banking.
  5. Czech Republic: Air Bank
    The bank puts first customer needs and second profitability. It is simple and clear in its communications.
  6. Germany: Fielmann
    Europe’s largest optician at low prices. The company donated 20.000 pairs of protective glasses to hospitals and medical services amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
  7. Hong Kong (SAR) China: Adidas
    Adidas approaches product development and customer engagement through innovation.
  8. Ireland: Credit Union
    Members can control their own finances by making their own savings work for them.
  9. Italy: Amazon
    Amazon continues to offer curated web content and efficient delivery.
  10. Japan: Tokyo Disney Resort
    It is one of the world’s leading theme parks with over 30 million visitors every year. Also, it is number one for customer experience.
  11. Luxembourg: Lalux
    It is an insurer with a very good reputation on resolving customer claims rapidly and with great empathy.
  12. Mexico: Marriott
    The hotel tries to keep a distinctive experience while things are really bad due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  13. Netherlands: ASN Bank
    ASN Bank wants to help create a world that is safe and healthy for people to live in and where the environment is respected.
  14. New Zealand: The Co- operative Bank
    This bank is customer owned. It is one of the new banks in the world to share profits wit customers.
  15. Poland: iSpot
    It is the largest Apple Premium Reseller in Poland and specializes in iPhones, iPads and Macs.
  16. Romania: ING Bank
    It’s purpose is pushing the boundaries of technology to remove barriers and make life easier for it’s customers.
  17. Russia: Nike
    Globally Nike committed more than 25 million dollars to support Covid-19 response efforts worldwide.
  18. Singapore: American Express
    It delivers world leading customer experiences through service professionals who can connect with their customers personally.
  19. Slovakia: Martinus
    Martinus bookshops extended their online capability to respond to Covid-19 by enabling their customer service agents to advise shoppers with their books selections in video chat sessions.
  20. Spain: Apple Store
    Apple store staff in Spain is focused on building relationships. They have on mind that customers want to buy from someone who makes them feel special.
  21. Sweden: Apotea
    It is Sweden’s largest online pharmacy. It has built its reputation on innovation and sustainability.
  22. Taiwan: Richart
    Richart is the first digital banking product in Taiwan to undergo the Social Return on Investment. Richart’s goal is to provide the best financial customer experience through mobile banking.
  23. Thailand: AIA
    AIA is an insurance company. AIA has set up the first Covid-19 digital clinic in Thailand for those who think they are affected to get in contact with a health professional digitally.
  24. United Arab Emirates: Emirates
    Each employee of the company must have a strong service ethic, a desire to please customers and act as an ambassador for the brand.
  25. USA: USAA
    The brand serves millions of military members and their families with competitive rates on insurance, banking and investment services.
  26. UK: first direct
    First direct offer bank services. The First direct has been number one in the UK for customer experience 5 times in the last 11 years.
  27. Vietnam: Vietnam Airlines
    Vietnam Airlines are going through an effort to improve the quality of their customer experiences.

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