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5 Tricks To Walk In Those Lovely Heels With Perfection

One of the most understated struggles in the lives of women is walking in heels. They may look like just another piece of footwear, but trust me it takes a lot of time before you can wear those heels with panache. The initial stages feature lingering pain that makes walking feel like climbing mountains. But, gradually, you can expect the pain to go away and your gait to adapt to the pointy covers of your feet.

This being said, you should adopt a few methods which can help you speed up the process. There are a few handy tricks and tips whose successful use would ensure that you can master the art of walking in heels in no time. Keep a watch on a few of those tricks I am going to mention in this article: put them to good use, and you shall learn things the  less painful way.

Here are 5 tricks to walk in heels like a boss!

  1. Work on your inner strength
    You might not believe this but walking in heels requires high body endurance. You can only improve your endurance through exercise and a healthy diet. You should workout routinely so that your inner strength improves and your feet and your body are able to handle the strain caused by heels effectively. Diet, of course, will augment the process of strength building.
  2. Walk upright
    It is very common to find people slouching in heels—and this does affect your body posture greatly and may cause spinal problems if not corrected. Talking about body posture, you will have work on it if you want to do justice to your lovely pair of heels. For that to happen you will have to start with the basics: you will have to stand upright while walking. A bent-over posture, howsoever slight it may be, affects the appeal of the heels and your overall look. Hence, practice walking on heels with your posture straight up. Ask someone to monitor your walk, particularly your posture, because at times we don’t even realize that we are slouching.
  3. The Ball of the foot
    I vividly remember that occasion when I wore heels for the first time and had put all my weight on the heel. Result? I sprained my ankle. A thumb rule for walking in heels is to put your weight on the ball of the foot. Most people do otherwise; they do what I did. The outcome of doing this wrongly is unsurprising: you twist your ankle because the heel cannot support your body-weight. But, yes, you will have to walk in heels quite often to develop this habit. Every time you practice walking in heels, do it slowly so that you carefully register the information that weight should be put on the ball not the heel. With time, you will naturally do the right trick.
  4. The Right Size
    Of course, we go to a store to buy the right size. Well, actually, most of us have a very messed up understanding of foot sizes because of which we are often wearing shoes not of the right size. For the health of your feet, you must take the foot size carefully. This is absolutely important when you decide to wear heels because heels are unlike any other footwear and could be a real challenge (painful too) if not done right. Keep a few things in mind when you buy heels: the width of the ball of the heel should be wider than any other part of the piece, one size larger shoe is preferable, you are not forcing the shoe in your feet at all, and your shoe should be gentle on your longest toe. You must feel comfortable while walking in heels otherwise all your efforts would be pointless.
  5. Avoid wearing them for a longer duration
    You could master the art, but you must not overdo it. This is an ultimate truth not restricted to heels. Footwear that limits space around the feet could cause problems and therefore, you will often find experts suggesting to invest in good cushioning, branded footwear, and breathable flats. Heels are painful and restrictive, and therefore, they should not be worn for a longer duration. Limit their usage so that your feet do not get hurt. Give your feet a good massage once you take off the heels so that they can recover from all the strain they had gone through.

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Alexandra Dimitropoulou

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