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5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Those in Higher Education

University Students

We are in the Digital Age more than we ever were. Today, everything we want to know or get is available just a few touches or clicks away. An indispensable feature of our lifestyle, cellphones, remain flooded with all kinds of upgrades manifesting in the form of Apps and software updates. It is nearly impossible to totally disassociate yourself from the modern-day application of these hand-sized gadgets.

A cellphone offers a whole universe of things you can do conveniently. You do not have to lift yourself from your bed to explore those things. Knowledge is one of the many things which you inevitably receive from it—and it is time we directed our energies towards it. We are not getting out of this crisis anytime soon, but we can effectively bridge the gap which it has created between education and students. Students in higher education felt the brunt of the crisis more than any other students, and thus, it is imperative we talked about things which could help relieve some burden off their shoulders. Actually, a few apps on the cellphone would do much of the work.

In this article, I have compiled a list of 5 Apps that those in higher education should have on their cellphone.

  • Evernote
    I am a big fan of digital note-keeping, though I am always tempted to buy sticky notes from stationery shops now and then—and I do buy them. But, for easy access and convenience, a digital note-keeping App could help save a lot of time and effort. Evernote is one of the most downloaded apps on Android and iOS platforms. It offers you a range of options, from making enumerative checklists to syncing notes on multiple devices. You can type down, draw, or attach notes using this application. It is available freely but additional options are available for paid users.
  • LinkedIn
    Of course, there is no way one can miss out on the largest professional networking website in the whole wide world. LinkedIn is a personal favourite largely because of its neat and to-the-point interface. You should upload your profile on this website, attach your resume, fill up your achievements, and update a professional profile picture. You can connect with peers and industry experts from anywhere in the world. It is a fabulous place to even find jobs. Remember one thing, however: keep your profile updated and professional.
  • CamScanner
    CamScanner has been my life-saver in many situations. In case you are looking for a good, effective scanning app, then your search need not continue. This App comes with myriad features, from scanning your document to making a collated PDF file. You can store all your scanned documents using its cloud feature and can access them wherever you go. There is also a paid version of the app with additional features such as removal of the App’s watermark.
  • Memrise
    Language-learning is a fun, stimulating, and educational activity. It is always better to know more languages than you already know. I have tried a number of language-learning apps but found Memrise to be the best. With a colourful yet neat interface, there are a number of exercises which will ensure that you learn your lessons. For example, classic review, speed review, and whatnot. While you can use this App for free, you should consider purchasing its paid version. In its paid version, you will be able to access advanced lessons such as exercises on difficult words and chat with other users.
  • TED
    Inspiration drives us forward. The life of a student is often mistaken to be all about fun when it is actually a complex of varying emotions often in conflict with one another. It is challenging being a student, and hence, a little bit of inspiration now and then could be of good use. TED is a widely acknowledged platform which invites influential individuals from all walks of life to share their knowledge, experience and lessons. There are over thousands of talks on a range of topics to choose from. The App’s interface has been categorised and coloured in neat colours to keep the attention intact.
  • DropBox
    Cloud storage has become an important part of life. So much of our work has become online. We have to keep tabs on our documents, photos, and other files, and storing them on our hard drive may not always be really good. Cloud storage enables access from anywhere and everywhere, and a good option is DropBox. It is already a popular App and features file sharing, categorization, reasonable prices, and whatnot. Its interface is easy to understand so all you need to do is to download it on your system—and you are good to go!

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