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Top 5 Luxury Accessories Brands Everyone Should Know

Everybody loves luxury. We owe everything we wear to fashion; even the simplest of our clothing is an end product of a designer’s dream. Along with that, it is also one of our many dreams, to wear better brands, and to look better. Fashion is synonymous with both over the top and subtle clothes, ramp walks, shows, and celebrities’ wardrobe.

However, fashion does not stop at apparel only; it extends to accessories as well. The present article is aimed at keeping you well informed about what to wear and which brands to go for. We list the top 5 luxury accessories brands everyone should know. These brands are not only the epitome of luxury but also innovators and trendsetters in their line of work.

  1. Prada
    Thinking outside the box and creative innovation has always been the trademark of Prada. Founded in 1913 by Mario Prada, this Italian giant is considered one of the top names in the industry. Prada enjoys such brand recognition that its very name has become synonymous with luxurious leather handbags.


    Through a series of successful brand endorsements and a history of classic products, Prada stands at the top of this list. Prada is known for leather handbags, shoes, travel accessories, fragrances, etc. Prada is most famous for its bags, any connoisseur would have at least one of its signature collections.

  2. Gucci
    Guccio Gucci started the company in 1921 and established it as one of the very first names in luxury fashion. Starting as a couture company, it quickly branched out into accessories as well. Today, when you walk into a Gucci store, you will find belts, bags, perfumes, shades, etc.

    While its contemporaries were paying more attention to the material and ornaments used in their pieces, Gucci set to improve upon the craft itself. Paying particular attention to detail this Italian giant quickly made a name for itself.

  3. Saint Laurent
    Yves Saint Laurent founded the company with his partner, Pierre Berge, in 1961. The French brand is one of the high-fashion powerhouses today and is known for its modern and iconic designs. Transitioning successfully from a clothes only brand, Saint Laurent has everything from shoes, belts, bags to shades, fragrances, and travel accessories.

    The brand embraces youth culture and embodies gender-neutral clothing. It is youthful, cool, and luxurious. It has carried a similar attitude towards designing accessories as well. Some of the most iconic celebrities of today swear by its name when it comes to apparel and accessories.

  4. Louis Vuitton
    Luis Vuitton is an extremely respected name in ready to wear fashion, but the brand, at heart, is still known for its trunks and luggage. If you want the best of travel, think of Louis Vuitton as your one-stop solution. Boasting of a legacy built-in accessories, LV might just be the number one in this field.

    At heart, they remain in love with travel, just like the young Louis Vuitton who decided at the age of 16 that wanted to be a trunk master. Building his brand in his name, LV spent a long time being in bags and luggage but slowly moved into other items of luxury too. From fragrances to belts, to bags, to shades, LV is what you want!

  5. Tom Ford
    Though the brand was established in 2005, Tom Ford the previous 15 years revolutionizing Gucci. An engineer by nature and having no formal training in fashion, people underestimated the brilliance of Tom Ford. But having proved his critics wrong, Tom had nothing more to do than move on. Taking leave from his duties as the head at Gucci, he set up his brand as a one-stop-shop for all your fashion needs. His idea is to create a well-groomed man.

    From apparel to fragrances, you will get everything at their stores. Tom ford personally designs most of the items that are sold under his name. He has designed a series of fragrances after his taste to make sure that they meet his impeccable standards. Having such a detailed level of genius only goes to show the qualitative brilliance of his products.

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