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Top 5 Universities in Kenya For You To Know

Kenyan higher education may not be placed among the world’s best but is certainly among those with a promising future. African higher education is progressively gaining ground in terms of reputation, and Kenyan universities have made a lot of contribution towards it. The country has established a string of well-performing universities that deliver on their promises and attract students beyond the national borders.

Anyone interested in pursuing African higher education should certainly consider Kenyan universities. They perform relatively better in terms of a number of factors such as diversity representation, teacher-student ratio, international rankings, and research funding. In fact, the universities mentioned in this article are among the best performers on these factors. Take a look at these 5 universities, and you shall be better informed about which one fits your criteria.

  1. The University of Nairobi.
    Having been founded in the year 1956, the University of Nairobi is among the oldest educational institutions in the country. Formerly called the Royal Technical College, the university has undergone numerous changes over time.

    Today, it stands as a collegiate research university and operates 6 colleges including the College of Architecture and Engineering, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Education and External Studies, and College of Biological and Physical Sciences. Its faculties include that of Law, Journalism, Economics, Dental Sciences, Mathematics, and Nursing.

  2. Kenyatta University.
    Kenyatta University is a leading university in the country. It is a public research university that was founded in the year 1985 and is known for its courses in the field of Arts. Its academic structure is extensive and diverse and covers a range of areas; its schools include Public Health, Medicine, Law, Environmental Studies, Hospitality & Tourism, Nursing Sciences, and Visual and Performing Arts.

    There are also a number of institutes and centers operating under the aegis of the university: Cisco Networking Academy, Confucius Institute of Kenyatta University, Chandaria Business Innovations and Incubation Centre, Africa Centre for Transformative and Inclusive Leadership, and Centre for Refugee Studies and Empowerment.

  3. Egerton University.
    Based in Njoro, Egerton University was founded in the year 1939 as a result of which it is the oldest educational institution in Kenya. There are 4 campuses through which it conducts its various programs, with its main campus located in Njoro. While there are multiple faculties in its academic structure, the university holds recognition for its programs on Agriculture.

    Other faculties include the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Commerce, Arts, and Social Sciences, Law, Veterinary Medicine & Surgery, and Education and Community Studies. The University collaborates with Western Michigan University for exchange programs, which speak volumes about the efforts of the university to internationalize itself and allow its student to explore more opportunities abroad.

  4. Moi University, Eldoret.
    Another public university based in Kesses, Moi University was established in the year 1984. It is identified as a go-to institution for those who are interested in science and technology. Over here, you can choose to study courses in a variety of faculties including Engineering, Business and Economics, Arts and Social Sciences, Aerospace Science, Agriculture, and Natural Resources, Health Sciences, Law, Tourism Hospitality and Events Management, and Information Sciences.

    To engage in research, the university has founded several institutes such as the Institute for Gender Equity, Research and Development, and Institute of Open & Distance Learning. Also, it operates 5 satellite campuses, namely the College of Health Sciences, Mombasa Campus, West Campus, Annex Town Campus, and Nairobi Campus.

  5. Maseno University.
    Maseno University is a prominent higher education institution in Maseno and was established in the year 1990. There are 5 campuses through which myriad faculties are operated. To supplement them, there are 12 schools and one institute catering to varying levels of degree programs.

    There are more than a dozen faculties and schools here such as the School of Business and Economics, School of Agriculture and Food Security, School of Medicine, School of Computing and Informatics, and School of Planning and Architecture. To boost digital connectivity and reach out to more people in the country and beyond, the university started a virtual campus that provides a set of curated online programs for both on-campus and off-campus students.

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