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These Are The Most Famous Dances To Learn

If you are thinking of starting dancing lessons we recommend you the most famous dance kinds you should definitely try.

  1. Viennese waltz: It was the first dance in history to take a breather on the man and his companion when he entered the lives of European aristocrats in the early 19th century. It is a dance with gentle, continuous rotational movements and impressive turns, and requires balance and aristocratic, romantic style in the posture of the body. The Viennese waltz demands faster moves, while there is also the version of the modern waltz with the simplest, longest steps.

  2. Tango: Finesse, Latin American temperament, sharp movements and figures and erotic moods are the ingredients for a fiery tango, which appeared about a century ago with its birthplace in Argentina and was even banned for a period as too provocative. It may belong to the “soft” ballroom dances, but it is strict and dynamic, simulating a game of submission between the couple.

  3. Samba: Fun, freedom, intense hip movements, figures in fiesta rhythms and lively rhythms are the mix that makes the most popular Brazilian dance an integral part of the carnival atmosphere – and more. Samba requires constant swings and circular motions, flexibility in the knees and all the reserves of Latin temperament someone hides inside.

  4. Cha Cha: It also belongs to the latin dances and is an expression of playful mood, a spontaneous flirtation of the bodies with a sharp rhythm and fast steps. A necessary component of cha cha is the… teasing, with the couple moving in the same or opposite direction, based on the original movements – there are dozens of types of steps and variations.

  5. Salsa: The dance was born in New York relatively recently, in the 1970s, apparently dominated by Latin influences, mainly from Cuba and Puerto Rico, and borrowed elements from other dances such as Cuban Son, Cha cha cha and mambo. The visual effect is a beautiful and rhythmic show, with sudden movements, turns, wraps, hands tangled in front and behind the back and, for the advanced, aerial figures and poses. There are many types and subspecies of salsa, but the basic principles of the dance are very easy for everyone and also impressive, which is why it remains extremely popular.

  6. Bachata: Bachata comes straight from the exotic Dominican Republic and combines the romantic atmosphere with the cheerful style, which moves at a fast pace, with circular steps and sideways. The twists and turns are the butter in the bread of this particular dance, which we have all learned (or even tried) to dance thanks to the huge success of the ‘00s“ Obsession ”.

  7. Hip Hop: The movements correspond to beats and the combined beats create “rows” of movements. These intense figures, which require special muscular skills, form the basis of hip hop, which, however, is not just a dance, but a whole culture that needs study and knowledge before you can understand its “juice”. There are various “schools” of hip hop (east and west coast, southern rap, freestyle, R&B, breakdance, etc.) that have their own roots and social implications each.

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