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Top 5 Of The Cleanest Cities In The World

Nowadays, it is extremely important for the caring image of the cities. From advanced recycling in Tokyo to banning chewing gum in Singapore, the above cities are the ones with the most well-groomed outdoor areas and the cleanest streets.

  1. Vienna, Austria
    The city of music fascinates visitors with much more than symphonic music and songs. Its crystal clear streets, adorned with baroque details, are in themselves an impressive sight. Vienna is often ranked among the top in global research as one of the best cities to live in, and the cleanliness of its majestic, historic boulevards certainly contributes to this result.

    There aren’t many capitals in the world that offer the opportunity to swim in the city center, but Vienna makes a difference, as the Danube canal is so clean that locals flock there in the summer.

  2. Minsk, Belarus
    Minsk has gained a reputation as a clean city, with the city council citing it as one of the reasons to visit the Belarusian capital. This city incorporates many elements of the Soviet concept of cities, such as impeccable cleanliness and the abundance of open spaces. Take a stroll through the Minsk Metro and you’ll be greeted by gleaming marble and lighting stations such as October Square and perfectly symmetrical rooms such as those of Traktarny Zavod.

  3. Singapore, Asia
    Singapore, the queen of cleanliness and hygiene, is often described as the cleanest and safest city in the world. This is the result of the many and strict measures that have been applied, which have given Singapore the slightly ironic title of “city of rules”. Chewing gum is banned, anti-waste laws impose fines on anyone who throws rubbish in the street, and police even check on public toilets to see if the cistern has been used (yes, there is a fine even for that). The result? Shiny shopping streets, impeccably aesthetically pleasing, well-kept parks are just a few of the many cleaners in town.

  4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Dubai has far more than bright skyscrapers to attract visitors, and its crystal clear streets certainly stand out. Visual pollution is prohibited and punishable by a fine, while hanging clothes on the balcony is considered a very bad sight, so be sure to include several clothes in your luggage before you leave.

    Dubai aspires to become one of the world’s first sustainable cities and aims to use renewable energy sources through the construction of solar-powered settlements in the city.

  5. Tokyo, Japan
    What impresses in Tokyo is that it is the largest metropolitan area in the world but maintains its cleanliness at very high levels. Even more impressive is the fact that it is difficult to find trash cans, which results in less rubbish. In Tokyo, a culture of respect for cleanliness prevails. When shopping at a grocery store, they will always give you a bag to pick up your trash and throw it in a bin, or better yet, when you get home.

    Recycling plays such an important role in Tokyo and Japan as a whole, that it has almost become an art – with more than 40 recycling categories in some cases. It is generally not acceptable to walk and eat at the same time.

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