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Time For Food: Top Street Food Plates From All Over The World

There are delicious street food plates for someone to taste all over the world. So, if you plan to visit specific countries don’t forget to do a taste test to the below places where excellent street food is served.

Italy: At the food market organized by a group of anarchists just outside of Rome at the Citta dell’Altra Economia (Largo Dino Frisullo snc, Rome, Italy 00153), you can taste thin fillets of Chianina della Valdichiana (the world’s largest cow, with the mythical delicious meat), baked in hot cast iron for a few seconds and then wrapped in a fondue of melted northern cheese, rich and fatty. What else to ask someone for, after tasting this delicious meal.

Seoul: Passers- by  (170-1 Jongno, Jongno-gu, Seoul, inside Gwangjang market) can taste the most fragrant donuts in the world at the Kwangjang food market in Seoul. The donuts are prepared in front of visitors’ eyes with a mountain of fluffy dough like a bun, which is molded, cut, turned in air braids that then chirp into hot oil. Then are sprinkled with plain white sugar. They are served in a cone, because they are so hot that you just can’t touch them. The scent of the butter is obvious. You must eat two or three of them in order to figure out what makes them so delicious.

Los Angeles: You need to drive to Silverlake, 10 minutes from Hollywood to find the Taco Zone canteen with the best tacos in Los Angeles. In the middle of the night millions of cars and people are usually standing up there to eat tacos. You can choose to have your meal in a really delicious corn pie. Nobody can eat just one. (2064 Montana St, Los Angeles, CA 90026, United States)

Sydney: If you love bao, the idea of ​​just tasting the best in the world will make you scream from joy as you walk in Sydney’s China Town promenade. David Chang loves this store as it is his favorite and believe us, everybody should go there. In this place bao is fluffy like clouds, with plenty of crispy duck, hoisin sauce and anchovies. You should eat them with small bites so that the enjoyment would not end quickly. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best bao you have ever tasted in your life. (Old Town, 10 Dixon St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia)

Hong Kong: In the world’s largest teahouse, Lin Heung Tea, where Hong Kong residents drink tea, visitors can eat steamed dim sum. Shallow halls full of people, steam, chaos from astonished tourists to ask what is inside the pasta morsels, old waitresses who do not answer to anyone but just run to serve two or three thousand hungry people. And all this with your feet in the flip flops swimming in ponds of steaming tea, since the male waiters throw the remnants of the tea jug on the floor, while picking up the dishes of the previous visitors. (162號 Wellington Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong).

Berlin: If you go to Mauer Markt it is easy to find a food stand where burgers with fried chicken are served. Fluffy brioche, it smells like butter a square further, filleted and breaded chicken leg, kimchi slow, pickles and a pink spicy mayonnaise. (Open every Sunday at Mauer Markt).

Tel Aviv: There you can have a bowl of steamed chickpea puree with lemon and tahini. It may sounds crap, but it’s really tasty. You can dip the fluffy bread in a pool of olive oil and lure a strong dose of hummus in your mouth! The perfect bite. Warm, velvety, fragrant, sour like fava made from Santorini in Greece! (Abu Hassan, Ha-Dolfin St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel)

Tokyo: In Japan, you hear the word «ramen» as often as you hear the word «souvlaki» in Greece. Walking in Tokyo, two steps from the main metro station, you will find in Shinjuku, a very small and old shop. The noodles are served chewy and have nothing to do with the Italian al dente. A few slices of roast pork neck, a few pieces of dehydrated nori and half an egg. (Hakatatengin 6-2, Shinjuku 2-Chōme, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0022).

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