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CEO Spotlight: Salah D. Qanadli, CEO of Excellence-for-Africa (E4A)

Salah D. Qanadli, CEO of Excellence-for-Africa (E4A)

Medicine plays an exemplary role in ensuring the well-being of humankind. When reminiscing, the extraordinary efforts of talented professionals in the field of medicine, we tend to acknowledge their undeniable contributions. Salah D. Qanadli is one of the most renowned names in the medical field and education. His impeccable hard work and foreseen dedication have led to all the achievements. He is a certified Radiologist with extensive knowledge and practice within the field. He also provided his services as a professor to transmit his experiences and vast knowledge ahead to benefit the educational system.

The basis for all the achievements of Salah D. Qanadli is his exceptional experience and learning’s in the radiology field. He started his education by receiving training from the University of Paris VI in the year 1992. He studied interventional radiology and cardiovascular imaging as a major. Later, he achieved his PhD in Bioengineering from the University of Technology Compiegne that is located in France in 2001. He began his career as a professor in Canada, at the University of Montreal. Later, he switched to the University of Lausanne as a radiology professor. Mr. Salah D. Qanadli is an intelligent individual who uses his abilities to his full potential in ensuring the benefit of students and humanity overall.

Salah D. Qanadli efficiently expanded his expertise and utilized them in supporting various subjective matters of the world. He did not restrict himself with the medicinal field boundaries or education. He took the initiative to benefit humanity by using his exemplary skills. He is the CEO and co-founder of “Excellence-for-Africa (E4A)” that concentrates on fabricating opportunities within the land that lags central facilities. This organization is emphasizing on determining resources that can stimulate education, competency transfer, and consultancy with Africa. It is a known fact that Africa is dealing with global crises. However, Mr Qanadli is amongst few professionals that are soiling opportunities for the unfortunates.

Despite shifting to other areas of concern, Salah D. Qanadli still retains its roots of medicinal interest. Hence, he initiated an organization as a co-founder known as MediAR ltd. This organization focuses on medical imaging and other parameters affiliated with the particular domain. They work to establish applications and algorithms for medical image quantification and analysis. He actively puts effort to fabricate new technological advancements and support research projects. He is also one of the privileged members of the Swiss Society of Radiology due to his prestigious efforts in the field.

Salah D. Qanadli invests his time and energy in establishing organizations that promote diverse lines of education. He is also the co-founder of PICC Line Academy Network (PAN) that concentrates on providing quality training and education within the field of a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC). This process is highly significant as it caters to the safe placement of the central venous system. Through this highly sensitive training, patient’s improvement period, the cost of treatment, and PICC related complications can be reduced. The training conducted at this institute holds high clinical significance as well as restricts the complication occurrences in the field.

Education stimulation is a multivariate process due to which many professionals encourage various approaches. Mr Qanadli is an educationist and an enthusiast when it comes to supporting diverse educational agendas. He is also the founder of “Junior Games” which are based on the concept of laugh and learn. Well, if the educational process is reliant on a stagnant strategy, people will seldom draw towards the idea. Hence, Salah D. Qanadli supported the idea of learning and laughing educational training. Mr Qanadli incorporated his immaculate achievements to frame educational institutes that provide undeniable benefits to thousands of people.

Salah D. Qanadli has broad expertise and knowledge when it comes to the medicinal field and radiology to be precise. He works as a consulting body to present a more comprehensive prospect to multiple organizations that operate in the area of curative technology. He uses multidimensional strategies to secure effective methodologies. This trait is highly appreciated by MedTech companies who are always searching for new innovative solutions. He is also a significant part of the “Medical Advisory Board” of multiple medical technology companies. He works within a team of diverse professionals to provide positive contributions.

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