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Beautiful Greek Islands Close To Athens – Reachable Only By Yachts

Summer in Greece is beautiful and the majority of people are looking for places to spend some relaxing days. It is true that in Athens and its surroundings are lots of places that can be characterized as paradises. In this article, readers can be informed about some Attica beaches that are reminiscent of an island and yet are a few minutes away from the city center. If you are looking for natural beauty, peace and isolation just take a look at the list with the most beautiful secret islands- beaches accessible only by yachts.

Greek Islet Fleves: It is an islet of the Saronic Gulf, south of Vouliagmeni, and east of Aegina. Fleves is the ideal destination for those who love diving. The seabed is rich and interesting due to a shipwreck. Visitors can go there by their own or rented boats or by an organized cruise.

Hydrousa/Katramonisi: Unknown to many, though a familiar spot for boat owners who do not want to miss the opportunity to visit its paradise beaches for swimming and relaxation. The beautiful Hydrousa is only half a mile from Voula and 1.5 from Vouliagmeni, with the two Athenian regions offering incredible views of its turquoise waters. Tiny, but similar to a Cycladic ornament, this island has gained a lot of visitors. Usually, at the weekends is overcrowded. Some years ago, sunbeds were installed in Hydrousa, with a floating bar in order to facilitate the visitors which is no closed. The island can be visited by someone who has his own or rented yacht.

Arsida: Arsida is an island located in the Saronic Gulf, very close to the west coast of southeastern Attica. It is located a short distance from the coast west of Anavyssos, at the 49th kilometer of Athens-Souniou Avenue. The area of the island is about 800 acres. The thing that makes this island unique is its cave. Moreover, Arsida is an island full of sea life, fishes, octopuses and shellfishes.

Saint George: A few kilometers far from the coast of Sounio, there is a tiny uninhabited islet which, however, is completely different from any other. The reason is that on the small island of Agios Georgios (Saint George) has been created the largest wind farm in the country.

Kavo- Skili / Celevinia: Cape Skillio or Kavo-Skili or Celevinia is a cape of the Peloponnese. It is located at the eastern end of the Argolic Peninsula and is the easternmost point of the Peloponnese geographical region. It belongs to the Attica Region, to the Regional Unit of the Attica Islands and specifically to the Municipality of Trizinia. It is located north of the Saronic Gulf, east and south of the Aegean Sea (Argosaronikos region). To the east of the cape are two islets, Skili and Spathi, often referred to as “Celevinia”. Cape Skyllaio along with Cape Sounio and the island of Agios Georgios Lavreotikis mark the boundaries of the Saronic Gulf.

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