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Get The Best of Peruvian Higher Education In These 5 Institutions

If you talk about diversity, Peru is all about it. Known to be a megadiverse country, Peru is the third-largest country in South America. The multiplicity of everything and anything here will ensure that anyone who visits it gets instantly overwhelmed and bewitched.  Rich wildlife, a long history, upper-class society, multi-ethnic population, a friendly culture, and whatnot are some of the many mainstays of the Peruvian culture. On top of all of this, you can also experience a stimulating educational experience here in case you ever decide to study abroad.

While Peru may not be the first choice for applying abroad, you should consider exploring its opportunities because there are some really good ones you are missing out on. Read along and you should know a few of these great opportunities I am talking about. Here are 5 of the top Peruvian Higher Education Institutions you should know.

  1. Pontifical Catholic University of Peru
    The first non-profit educational institutional, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru was established in the early 20th century in the capital city of Lima. Originally, it conducted courses only in letters and laws, but eventually expanded to cover a variety of faculties. It has become quite popular among international applicants, and there are more than 5000 foreign students enrolled here. Various subjects taught in the university include Economics & Econometrics, Architecture, Archaeology, Psychology, Chemical Engineering, Physics & Astronomy, geology, and Mathematics & Statistics. It also invests its resources in encouraging research activities and has established research centers such as the Structures Laboratory and the Centre of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (CETAM).
  2. Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
    To encourage research in the field of medicine, a group of professors came together to establish what eventually became one of the best Peruvian universities in the world. Having been founded in the year 1961, the university has quickly gone up the charts and is now hailed as the best option to study medicine in Peru and among the best options in the continent. Aside from regular courses, it also runs specialties such as veterinary medicine, animal breeding and nursing, public health and health administration, biology, and stomatology. It has also made arrangements with many notable universities across the globe for qualitative education to its students. These universities include the University of Washington, University of California Berkeley, Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine, and the University of Alabama.
  3. Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM)
    UNMSM, also known as the National University of San Marcos, is a prominent public university in the capital city of Lima. Famously called the ”Dean University of the Americas”, it is presently the only university in the American continents to have had the longest continuous run. So far as the faculties are concerned, there has been a marked increase in them with time. It started courses in Theology, Arts, and law and now conducts courses in other areas as well such as Natural Sciences, Economics, and Commerce. To supplement the learning process, it has established many research centers and most of these centers have their own museums to exhibit their works. It is the only Peruvian University that has produced a Nobel Laureate.
  4. Universidad de Lima
    Situated in the eponymous city, the University of Lima was established in the year 1962. This university, too, was an initiative of a group of professors but those majoring in commerce and industry.  It started with barely 200 students in its first year of inception and today, there are more than 20,000 students spread across various degree courses. With a strong focus on business studies, faculties here include that of Business and Economics, Engineering and Architecture, and Communication. There are also a few courses beyond these categories such as that of Law and Psychology. It also maintains a research institute called Instituto de Investigación Científica (IDIC) that involves research of the university’s professors and dissemination of the same.
  5. Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (UNI)
    The National University of Engineering is a notable institution for studying engineering and science in Peru. It was established in the year 1876 and was originally christened as the School of Civil Constructions and Mining Engineers. There is a wide range of courses offered by the university including that of Systems Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Architecture. Its acceptance rate is known to be exceptionally low so brace up for stiff competition. Its contribution to the scientific community has been immense, with alumni occupying important positions in various walks of life such as World Bank, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and IBM.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Get The Best of Peruvian Higher Education In These 5 Institutions
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