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Brands That Are Changing Kids Fashion Around The World

Babywear and Back-to-School are no more the only prevalent segments in children’s clothing; basics are not enough anymore. According to a recent survey, children change their clothes more often than adults daily. These days, children are as concerned about their dresses as adults. Over the last decade, a rising number of children’s clothing brands has come to the fore to meet this demand.

These stores have a multination presence and their merchandise is sold through retail stores and online outlets. In the present article, we will be talking about 5 such brands that have managed to establish themselves in this competitive market.

  1. Gini & Jony
    One of the most prominent children’s fashion brands, Gini & Jony has been on the market since the 1980s. Hosting more than many stores across the globe, it is one of the most successful and sought after brands for children’s fashion. With an ability to come up with some of the best designs and ideas for children’s clothes, Gini & Jony is always a favorite among parents.

    From vests, t-shirts, Henleys, and polos to shorts, Bermudas, and chinos, everything’s available for children until the age of 16. Their online store is one of the most frequented children’s fashion websites in its domestic market.

    What makes them so successful in their genre is a combination of engaging online presence, successful advertising, and constant innovation backed by quality products and affordable pricing.

  2. The Children’s Place
    If you have been looking for something that stands out without putting a burden on your budget then you must have come across this brand. The Children’s Place is where you go when you want accessories and clothes that truly dazzle. They are most famous for their young girls’ clothing collection.

    More than daily wear essentials, the focus of the brand is on providing clothes that are special events worthy. On browsing through its catalog, you can find spring dresses, skirts, sleepwear, jackets, track pants, denim, accessories, etc. They provide clothing options for children up to the age of 18.

  3. Nauti Nati
    In addition to the brand retailing online through all major sellers, Nauti Nati has its website where you can browse through its merchandise. What sets apart Nauti Nati from all other children brands is its traditional sense of quality. Its design, with the help of non-repeating patterns and bright array of colors, focuses on bringing out the uniqueness in every child.

    Nauti Nati makes picking clothes easier as they always make it a point to showcase the trending outfits and their most popular sections first. From blazers, jumpsuits, jeans, and jeggings to shorts, sweatshirts, tops, and tunics, you will find everything here. They cater to boys and girls (till the age of 16) and infants & mothers.

  4. Little Kangaroos
    After having a brand that specializes in ‘special events only’ look, it is only fair that we share one which prides itself on everyday wear. With outfits that are famous for being unfussy, Little Kangaroos is a must-have brand for your baby. With soft fabrics, appealing pastel colors, and easy design, Little Kangaroo will make your little one happy.

    It ranges its clothes for kids from 3 months to 10 years of age. It sells everything from frocks, nightwear, pajamas, and rompers to skirts, jeans, jackets, and sweaters. You can buy this brand both online and at retail outlet shops.

  5. Carter’s
    The best thing about the brand is that it does not charge sky-high prices even though its products rival some of the best in the market. With a wide range of clothing and accessories priced at a reasonable cost, Carter’s is the leading baby clothes brand in the USA. It is also one of the oldest brands and has been around since 1865!

    Imagine everything cute a baby can wear and then put it under one umbrella, that’s Carter’s collection for you. From one-piece, graphic tees, and bodysuits to jackets, rompers, and jumpsuits; you can find them all at its stores.

    Their offline stores also feature shop assistants who help you in picking out the perfect outfit for your little one, a little help for no extra cost.

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