Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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What You Need to know About The Road to Startup Investing

Every year, startups are established to provide innovative solutions to very specific problems. Ideas come like an endless stream, but financial constraints are keeping young entrepreneurs from building their visions.

Financing remains an important challenge for people who want to provide something valuable. For that, entrepreneurs turn to investors for resources.

For investors, it is an opportunity to grow their money while they help people build their dreams.

Investing in startups can be a profitable venture, so if you are thinking of going down that route, here are some things you should know:

  1. Leverage your networks
    There are currently thousands of startups you can invest in, but in order to find one that has a high growth potential, it’s important to get insights from people who are active in the small business sector. LinkedIn is a great way to connect with potential partners, so start networking with founders and investors and check to see if they would be interested in discussing opportunities with you.

  2. Attend industry events
    In the age of digital transformation, the startup ecosystem has become even more vibrant. Conferences, seminars, and trade shows dedicated to the startup world are becoming more frequent each year with entrepreneurs across different industries attending these events to find potential investors. For your part, you can find the right startups to invest in through events like SaaStock and Ascent Conference in New York (Then again, most of these events are either cancelled or postponed due to the CoViD-19 pandemic, but you may still get updates).

  3. Create a venture capital firm
    When it comes to investing in startups, don’t expect money to flood in during the first months after launching. It takes time and support before a startup can truly realize its objectives. But if you are passionate about supporting innovative business ideas, then a career in venture capital could be right for you. The cash might come in trickles, but you can build a name for yourself fairly quickly in the world of startup investing, which will allow you to unlock opportunities in the long run.

  4. Make use of ICO platforms
    If individual investing is more desirable, there are platforms you can use to search for startups that match your interests. More recently, investors and startup founders have been converging in what are known as initial coin offerings or ICOs. As an alternative approach available for conservative investors, ICOs allow you to use cryptocurrency to buy coins from startups. If everything goes well, the value of your coins increases, giving you a constantly growing asset you can sell at your leisure. For sure, this is an ideal means for first-time investors like yourself to generate passive income.

Never underestimate a good idea. If you think someone has found a way to revolutionize the gaming industry or the sustainable tech market, you can do your part in innovating the way we live by putting your own resources on the table.

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Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller

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