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Life with a Menstrual Cup: Menstrual Hygiene Day Special

A menstrual cup is not just a product but is a way you deal with periods in life. This is so far the best thing ever happened to me and something that has changed the entire hygiene scenario related to menstrual cycles.

Made up of silicon, a menstrual cup never promotes any kind of bacteria or fungal growth on it and has the shelf life of more than 10 years. It can be worn day and night. The frequency of emptying it depends on your blood flow.

For someone with normal blood flow, emptying it once in 12 hours work well. And you have to sanitize and sterilize it after you are done with your periods.

This small cup of around 3 inches is supposed to be inserted in your vaginal opening where it gets fixed because of a vacuum that gets created and you are not supposed to take it out every time you pee. It comes with a fabric pouch to keep it free from any dirt.

Hence we can say menstrual cups are safe to use.

You will know about them once you will use them. But you will ask why would you try that, right? Let me help you understand the benefits of these miracle cups known as Menstrual cups.

Goodbye Rashes

When you bear the rashes around the most sensitive part of your body, I am sure there is immense pain attached to it. When sanitary pads give annoying rashes and irritation during the entire cycle, Menstrual cups come with the feeling of having nothing between you and clothes.

Leakage, no way..!

Hey, can you please check if I have stained my denim is what you ask your female friends while chumming? Not anymore. we don’t say that the menstrual cup doesn’t leak but the case is 1/10 times, but the leakage is so less that it hardly stains your panty line. So forget about the bloody stains on your pants.

Money not spent is money saved

When you use sanitary pads you spend approx $10 per month that makes $120 for a year and $1200 for ten years whereas one menstrual cup costs you around $50 which lasts for 10 years. OMG, you can save up to $1150 enough to buy return tickets to Thailand, right?

Periods came and gone

While you check every time during the onset of periods, you can start using a menstrual cup a day or two before they arrive actually. Also, they will never make you feel different from the usual days.

Do you compromise on swimming, hiking, trekking, and other water sports because of periods? Don’t miss the fun in life. Use menstrual cups as they can be used while in the pool or any water body. I have dived, hiked, and trekked using a menstrual cup and have spent days in the terrain where there was no water, and trust me my periods were never smooth until I used a cup.

Environment Friendly

You don’t dispose of more than 10 dirty non-biodegradable pads to our environment while using a menstrual cup, as you just empty it in your pot and wash it. Also, you don’t get embarrassed while you are staying at someone’s house and ask for the waste disposal system.

Enough of eulogizing about Menstrual cups because rest I leave for you to experience and feel.

Myths about the menstrual cups- 

  1. You don’t lose virginity while using menstrual cups
  2. It doesn’t come out on its own
  3. You need to empty it once in 12-hours, which means no more bloody sight.
  4. There are no chances of infection
  5. Leakage is almost negligible
  6. It takes 2-4 cycles to get used to it, later it’s a smooth ride.
  7. Sterilizing menstrual cup means keeping it in hot water for 20 minutes

Happy periods..!

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