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5 Influential Fashion Designers From Australia You Should Know

The Australian fashion industry is increasingly growing and being recognized for its contribution to infusing creativity and uniqueness on an international scale. Many domestic brands are already favorites among locals; there are some of them who have solidified their presence on a global stage. But, if you want to really appreciate the Australian fashion world, you must read about people who engineer it. In this article, we are going to read a little about a few of these very important personalities which define the contemporary fashion industry in the country and abroad.

There are many personalities to consider, but we have limited ourselves to just 5 of them. All of these people create designs that enjoy the immense brand value and are the epitome of sheer imaginativeness and intelligence. Give me a few minutes of yours and you shall know why I say what I say.

So, without further ado, here is the list of the people who have shaped the Australian fashion world.

  1. Alex Perry: Alex Perry is the professional name of Alexandros Pertsinidis who is a prolific career man. He is not only a popular fashion designer but also a television presenter. His designs are women-centric and have many high-profile customers such as the singing sensation, Jennifer Lopez, and Bollywood star, Priyanka Chopra Jonas. He collaborates with fashion magazines routinely such as Harper’s Bazaar Australia and Good Weekend. Alex Perry is known for his penchant for combinations of apparel and jewelry. You can very easily find his jeweled dresses and corsets on many prestigious fashion shows.
  2. Alice McCall: If your style is feminine yet casual, then Alice’s designs are spot-on for you. Her stylized namesake brand, alice McCALL, is reputed fashion wear in the country and is largely known for its women’s collection of cocktail dresses and playsuits. Her designs are quite distinguishable and feature eccentric prints and contrasting touches. You can see her designs being featured in various international magazines such as Vogue and Elle. As of today, she has more than 200 stores operating across the globe. To further her vision and embrace more ideas, she collaborates with fashion companies and designers from time to time such as Topshop and Alice Babich.
  3. Toni Maticevski: Some of the most iconic designs have emerged from the creative faculty of Toni Maticevski. This award-winning fashion designer launched his own label in the year 1998, and after four years, he went on to be the recipient of Best New Designer Award at a prestigious event conducted by L’Oreal. His style is evocative and is always representative of an idea. While he focuses mainly on women wear, he has also created men’s clothing. One of his mainstays is his gown designs which he recreates every season from myriad perspectives—this is in alignment with his unconventional approach towards fashion.
  4. Lisa Ho: Lisa Ho was destined to become a dedicated designer ever since she was just a little girl. At the age of 4, she started her sewing career and by the age of 10, she was already a great seamstress. After having graduated from college in the year 1981, she started her own label following her experience in three companies. Today, her designs are among the most sought-after in Australia and have been worn by celebrities such as Bec Cartwright, Jennifer Lopez, and Sarah Michelle Gellar.
  5. Kym Ellery: Ellery is a highly acclaimed Australian brand, and the brainchild behind it is Kym Ellery. Kym Ellery is a notable face in the international fashion industry and her collection is often showcased during the coveted Paris fashion Week. Her styles employ dramatic cuts and efficient technologies that make designs gorgeous and gentle on the body. She frequently collaborates with fashion brands to expand her horizons such as the brand Sportsgirl. Initially, she focussed on clothing but has now been designing accessories as well. Many celebrated personalities have worn Ellery such as Cate Blanchett and Rihanna.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - 5 Influential Fashion Designers From Australia You Should Know
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