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The Qualities Of Successful Bosses And Executives

Being viewed as an executive, let alone becoming one, demands that you show exceptional personality traits that are out of the ordinary. The magical title is not just for the sake of bestowment; you also need to earn it. Remember, when no one respects the title, it can only be as useless as any other name. Bosses and executives are not held to high esteem according to what they possess but how they carry out themselves and how they treat others.

Bosses and executives don’t have to say a word when they step into a board room; they let their presence speak for them. In other words, even a walking posture defines an executive. That is why it is imperative to level up and associate with superior products like Montblanc Meisterstück, the ideal pen for executives. It is that time of the year that you decide to sign your checks with ink crafted with unmistakable elegance and exquisite artistry.

Moreover, successful bosses and executives are the reason behind the success of all these economic giants you see around. So, what are some of the qualities that you should possess for you to become a successful boss or executive? Well, they include but aren’t limited to the following:

Thinking outside the box

The first quality that you must possess is thinking outside the box. Executives are people who don’t depend on obvious facts to go about their business. Things are changing, and there are even better ways of achieving your goals while staying by the book. In other words, you need to be extra-creative and extraordinary if you want to attain executive results.

Executive dress code

An executive is someone who oozes power and confidence. That one has to be replicated in your attire too. If you keep beards, you have to ensure that they are always kempt. You also need to get a couple of bright designer suits that symbolize authority. Another secret that most executives will not tell you about, but you’ve probably noticed, is getting the cologne game together. You have to smell nice and appealingly when interacting with junior employees so that they can copy it from you.

Willingness to take calculated risks

The greatest opportunities always come bundled in unforeseen risks. The main difference between achievers and those who are on the path to achieving is that the former chose to take calculated risks sooner than the latter. In fact, risky decisions are the ones that will take you to that position that you’ve been dreaming about. Taking calculated risks is what separates you from the ordinary and defines you as a leader. However, it isn’t always a 100% guarantee that your plans will not fail, no matter how focused you stay on them, but taking risks will help you get rid of the fear of failure. In other words, the game might teach you a lot, but you have to play in order to learn. So take that calculated risk and give it your all.

Exceptional communication skills

Executives have exceptional eloquent verbal and non-verbal skills to express themselves accordingly. Being at the apex of leadership in an organization demands that you learn how to communicate effectively to boost the morale of the employees when necessary. As a top executive, you must be consistent with transparent communication and make it audible or readable so as your juniors can devote to their working time accordingly.

Ability to learn from the past

An executive does not repeat a mistake. In fact, you should treat a mistake as an experience to instill practical lessons for the future. You must also not keep on doing things the same way. That is why it is imperative to keep up-to-date with the latest matters, both political and economical, so that you can stay posted in emerging trends. Remember, something that was successful this year can be unsuccessful next year, and that is an avoidable mistake that an executive shouldn’t make.

Building relationships

You must be able to build, sustain and support relationships with all relevant stakeholders in the organization in order to become more successful. Good relationships are also a plus when it comes to productivity and service delivery. Moreover, healthy relationships breed loyalty, which is a good executive image for any company. However, in creating relationships with co-workers, you must always show a realistic understanding and optimism. For instance, a boss should be audacious and not arrogant. You have to do everything possible to reach your goals, provided it doesn’t undermine ethics and integrity. You cannot be a leader if you are not hungry for success.


Honesty is a virtue for anyone who wants to scale higher in whatever they do, be it management or apprenticeship. Honesty doesn’t always have to be towards other people such that you forget that it is important to be honest with yourself. As a top executive, you must acknowledge both your strengths and weaknesses and work them towards becoming the better version of yourself. You must also remain loyal to your course and goals if you want to leave a remarkable legacy.

Another aspect of honesty must be between you and the employees. A good executive does not take credit for excellent work done by junior employees. Instead, you should recognize them before other staff and even reward them for the same.

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