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These Are The Most Famous Make-Up Artists In The World

Make-up takes up a really important place in the world of personal grooming. It does not matter whether you are going to work or attending a social event; there is always some room to apply make-up, and only its degrees will vary. There is no gainsaying that the make-up industry is a thriving industry, and there are people who have honed their skills to contribute to its development—make-up artists. While we may think applying make-up is easy, it is actually not.

Today, several make-up artists have made it big in the world. They are in high demand wherever they go. But, there are a few whose demand is exceptional and who are among the most hard-to-hire. We are going to talk about those make-up artists who are among the well-paid in the world. Let us take a look at 5 of them.

  1. Charlie Green
    Charlie’s style reeks of femininity and is focussed on infusing a youthful vibe to the overall appearance. She is very particular about her products and is known to inform her clients about them every time so that there is informed decision-making on the part of the latter. With more than two decades of experience in the fashion world, she has become a favorite among many celebrities. Her clientele includes Naomi Campbell, Katie Holmes, Courtney Love, and Rachel McAdams. She has collaborated with many renowned fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Elle. Besides, you will see her in many talk shows such as Good Morning America and Good Day LA.
  2. Sam Fine
    Sam Fine made it to an industry that was then not representative of professionals of color and made himself one of the most desired and highly paid-up artists in the world. His per day rate is exceptionally high, but the result he provides is memorable and cent percent satisfactory. His many achievements include collaborations with celebrities such as Vanessa Williams and Tyra Bank; being the first African-American spokesperson of the renowned cosmetics brand, Revlon; and contributing to the development of all-skin friendly cosmetics.
  3. Gucci Westman
    A celebrity favorite, Gucci Westman is a prominent American make-up artist who is most commonly known for her brand, Westman Atelier. Hailed among those credited for re-shaping the world of cosmetics, she has introduced sensuality in her style without exaggerating the effect to a disagreeable extent. Her style has received a laudatory response from the world, and this is reflected in her long list of clients studded with a galaxy of celebrities. She has worked with, among many others, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Natalie Portman. Her visionary approach towards her work made her the Global Artistic Director of Revlon, a post she occupied for 7 long years.
  4. Bobbi Brown
    Bobbi Brown is an American make-up artist who is among the most influential businesswomen in the world. Founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, her brand is a huge success and has stores in more than 74 countries. Her style is very natural. She believes in giving details to the appearance without highlighting too much of everything. Till date, she has written a total of 9 books and has been associated with popular shows such as The Today Show and the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. She is also active in philanthropy and the conduct of empowerment programs for women. In the year 2013, she started a campaign which was aimed at providing job skills to women through various programs. In addition to her namesake brand, she has collaborated with other brands such as the Italian brand, Safilo Group in the year 2013.
  5. Billy B
    The world of make-up will be nothing without the charm of Billy B. He does faces like a magician: can subdue and highlight textures incredibly and make you look the finest for the occasion. His style has a lot of fans in the entertainment industry and he has worked with celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Padma Lakshmi. He is an important person in major high-profile events such as the Grammy’s and the Oscars. His magazine clientele includes the Vogue, Elle, and Vanity Fair to name a few. You must have also seen his cameos in various television shows such as The Doctors and Talk Soup.

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