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There Are The 5 Best Universities In Russia, 2020

Russia is one of the most powerful economies among the BRICS countries. Its clout on international affairs is palpable throughout the world, making it a country one cannot simply sidestep. In terms of political, social, and cultural affairs, Russia is a world of its own. Featuring stunning architecture, extreme climatic conditions, and a distinct culture, it is a place you must see whenever you get the opportunity. In case you do have an opportunity and it is educational in nature, then I may have a few suggestions to make.

Russian higher education is gaining a lot of attention in the past few decades. On the international plane, many of its universities have garnered much limelight for their focus on dynamic course structures, student exchange programs, reasonably high acceptance rates, and scholarship programs. More than 20 universities find places in international rankings and have been climbing up the list as we speak. So, in case you do decide to head to Russia for higher education, you should not be disappointed.
There are 5 universities in Russia I want you to keep a watch on.

  1. Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU).
    Ranking among the top 100, Lomonosov Moscow State University is one of the highest-ranked universities among those in BRICS. Hosting the tallest educational building in the world, MSU is the pride and joy of the Russian Education System, having produced many illustrious alumni. It is also known for its gigantic library system, which ranks among the world’s best.

    In terms of research output, the university is at the top of the game. If you apply here, you should know that there is a world of faculties operating here, from that of Law to Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics. The university is also home to one of the most powerful supercomputers in Russia and the world.

  2. Saint-Petersburg State University (SPbU).
    The oldest educational institution in Russia is the Saint-Petersburg State University (SPbU). Established in the late 18th century, the university has gone on to become an elite university. It holds prominence in the field of engineering and humanities and is comprised of 24 specialized faculties.

    Most of the programs here are administered in Russian, though you may find a few postgraduate courses in English. It is best known for its courses on mathematics, linguistics, and modern languages. The incumbent President, Vladimir Putin, is an alumnus of this university.

  3. Novosibirsk State University (NSU).
    Novosibirsk State University is located in the namesake industrial center of Serbia and is among the most coveted universities in the country. The university was founded in 1958 and is currently the largest scientific research center in Russia.

    It undertakes several research activities routinely, and its initiatives include more than 30 research institutions and enabling the involvement of its students in many laboratories. Due to its inclination toward scientific research, it has produced many notable scientists in Russian history such as Larisa Maksimova, a mathematician; Vladimir E. Zakharov, a winner of the prestigious Dirac media; and Efim Zelmanov, a winner of the Fields Medal.

  4. Tomsk State University (TSU).
    Tomsk State University is another university based in Siberia and is quite popular among international applicants. Founded way back in the 19th century under a different name, the university has configured its course administration to the liking of international applicants. Most of its programs are taught in English such as computer science and linguistics.

    There are a total of 23 faculties further divided into multiple departments. TSU takes a lot of credit for maintaining an excellent and well-received scientific library that has voluminous collections of books from all over the world. Its alumni include 3 Nobel Laureate among many other notable personalities.

  5. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology State University (MIPT).
    Often referred to as PhysTech, MIPT is a prominent university in the country, with its focus on science and applied mathematics. The academic organization is divided into 11 departments including that of Molecular and Biological Physics, Innovation and High technology, General and Applied Physics, and Physical and Quantum Physics.

    It should be noted that education at MIP is free for most of its students, and performance-based scholarships are also extended. Its list of alumni is as illustrious as the university itself and includes the discoverer of superfluidity, Pyotr Kapitsa; theorist on metamaterials, Victor Veselago; and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin.

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