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Top 5 Of The Best Superyachts’ Wine Cellars

Wine and yachting go hand in hand like sunsets and cocktails, or suits and Savile Row. The science of wine storage and maturation means that superyachts are far from ideal hosts, making suitable storage key. When wine is subjected to fluctuations in temperature, light, vibration, or movement, its molecules move and collide; some stick together becomes heavier, and sink as sediment, while others break apart, which is a fundamental part of the evolution of flavor in a maturing wine. On a yacht, the maturing process is accelerated and ultimately the flavor is affected. Here is a sampling of the best superyacht wine cellars and cabinets around.

M/Y Suerte Wine Wall: Quite impressive is the wine wall onboard Tankoa’s 69-metre superyacht Suerte, launched in 2015, is as much a work of art as the installation hanging from the ceiling above it. The beautiful onboard wine storage solution stands out in the yacht’s art-filled dining room, which is one of the top four interior design features of Suerte.

M/Y Andromeda Wine Tasting Room: The ruggedly handsome 107 meter Andromeda (ex-Ulysses) might be known as the toughest toybox on the water but her explorer yacht exterior belies an interior packed with creature comforts. This includes the wow-factor of a wine cellar. It’s not simply a space for storing wine away, but also where guests can be invited for intimate wine tastings.

M/Y Highlander Wine Cellar: Launched in 1986, the famed FeadshipHighlander might be known for her exterior design by Jon Bannenberg, but she also hides some intriguing interior features, such as this ample wine cellar. Highlander has been used extensively for entertaining in her lifetime, hosting everyone from Heads of State to Royalty and the Forbes family. This wine cellar surely has come in handy for such soirees.

M/Y Aurora Glass Clad Wine Storage: The wine cellar of 49.9-metre Rossinavi yacht Aurora was a key focus during the design phase. This glass-clad wine storage is a key feature in the yacht’s main deck lobby, which her interior designer, Achille Salvagni, calls “the heart of the yacht.”

Endless Summer Climate Controlled Cellar: Ascending the stairs to the upper deck, you immediately come across the collection housed behind a glass wall in a climate-controlled cellar. Softly lit, the dark wood tones of the wine racks and the symmetry of the bottles in serried floor-to-ceiling ranks create a striking impression. Along with the paintings and sculptures that appear throughout the boat, the wine collection strikes the eye as a handsome art piece. As the captain mentioned, “ this was a custom feature introduced by the owner”.

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