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Staying At Home: 5 Tips for making the best of your studies during COVID-19 pandemic

The year 2020 has been a challenge for everyone and everything. We have barely finished three months into this year, and here we are cordoned off and locked inside our houses. Social distancing has become the norm of our lives, and this aspect has affected everything about us—particularly education. Education, at all levels, has suffered a setback with all institutions closed off to prevent any form of gathering. This has, especially, been problematic for those in higher education.

While you cannot go out, you can certainly utilize your time during quarantine in several ways. Education may have become institutionalized, but we can remain connected to its influence wherever we are. This is, especially, true in this digital age when we are all connected, thankfully, through the Internet. This is how this article aims to reach its audience and assist it in utilizing its time in the best manner possible. Studying during quarantine is possible, and I have a handful of tips for your consideration.

Here are 5 tips for the same.

  1. Lockdown is not a holiday
    Many of us imagine lockdown as an excuse to not study or indulge in anything educational. Honestly, we are just trying to fool ourselves and the world. The outside world is only speaking about COVID-19, and our mind is becoming saturated with every passing day.

    This has, of course, de-incentivized us into picking up our books. Do not let yourself fall into this trap. Accept the uncertainty of this pandemic and that you can NOT study until this pandemic lasts. Do not treat this time as a vacation. It is not, and if you think so that it is, you are not serious. So, first thing first, stop using COVID-19 and the resultant quarantine as an excuse unless there are vitiating circumstances.

  2. Get (or Prepare) Your Study Station
    In these trying times, we have to keep ourselves motivated. Self-motivation is not easy and requires great psychological toughness more than anything else. One of the ways you can keep yourself motivated is by creating your study station.

    It should be a quiet corner of or a room at your place where there is proper ventilation, lighting system, and all necessary equipment such as a laptop and stationeries such as books and pens. In case you already have a study station, USE it.

  3. Sign up for your online classes
    Many universities have begun administering online classes on platforms such as Zoom and MS Teams. These platforms were already known for their multiple, classroom-friendly features allowing a large number of people to take part in discussions simultaneously.

    Many question the viability of these methods, and having had first-hand experience with these, I understand where these doubts come from. However, if you have been given a chance to attend online lectures, do not simply reject them. Online classes can be interactive and educational, and only if you take them up seriously, you will be able to appreciate their value at times like these.

  4. Set Goals
    Unless we have a commitment, we usually tend to slack off. So, it is suggested that you set goals for yourself daily. For example, you may decide to give at least two hours daily to a particular subject. Make a timetable but do not make it too rigid.

    But, remember while making goals, keep in mind that home is where comfort is and you may not be able to invest as much time as you want. Set your goals wisely. Take this task of making commitments slowly and progressively.

  5. Reward yourself
    These times are stressful enough and rewarding ourselves for studying during these times is a good thing. Yeah, of course, people might comment that there is nothing heroic about studying intently at home but circumstances are different right now. Our staying at home is not discretionary.

    It is an unprecedented world-level social distancing program which is, honestly, not as fun as you might have thought. Therefore, it is a good idea to reward yourself every time you complete your goal—it will reinforce you to study better and harder and ensure your productivity levels are stable, if not higher.

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