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5 Types of Cocktail Dresses That Are Just Perfect For Every Occasion

With time, newer fashion terminologies occurred. These terminologies were inspired by history, contemporary circumstances, fashion developments, and socio-cultural transitions. One term which became exceedingly popular in the 20th century was “cocktail dress”. The idea emerged from the increasing impetus on the evolution of women into working women, and the fashion necessities arising therefrom. To embody the essence of modernity in fashion and allowing women to assimilate in the working culture smartly, the utility of cocktail dresses started gaining traction. Today, they are an indispensable part of semi-formal occasions and late afternoon parties.

Quite expectedly, there are many variants of cocktail dresses in existence today. For every social occasion, you may find something among a big lot of cocktail dresses. Once this quarantine is over, you will most likely have a lot of occasions to participate in—so why not take a look at what you can wear to these occasions. There is a curated list of 5 cocktail dresses for you to consider. Glam up and make a statement with any of the dresses mentioned below.

  1. The Lovely A-line dress
    Honestly, if you were to ask me my favorite, it has to be an A-line dress. These dresses are perfect because they sit perfectly on women of every shape and size. They accentuate your figure beautifully, give you a princessy look, and appear very sophisticated. Even among A-lines, there are many subcategories to go for. All in all, this category of cocktail dresses is the easiest choice. A-line goes well with any occasion, but they are best for semi-formal occasions.
  2. The Long Sleeves
    I love long sleeves: they make your arms look toned, give you a neater and smarter look, and add a touch of class to your overall appearance. Long-sleeve cocktail dresses can be coupled with shorter hemline or a gorgeous bareback. There are many ways to style these long-sleeve dresses. If your occasion is super-casual and sexy, then you may want to wear such a dress with a shorter hemline that highlights your curves and legs. In case the occasion is formal, you may want to switch to the one with a longer hemline and solid/toned-down colors.
  3. Go Bling!
    Cocktail dresses are fun because there are so many of them. From the most simple-looking to the most dazzling, there is enough for everyone. One type of these dresses is the one that ‘blings’. A shimmery dress would be a perfect choice if you are attending a club party or other casual occasions. It is even better if your dress is all about heavy patterns, sequins, and other kinds of similar embellishments. The point of these dresses is to have a magnetic, instantly eye-catching presence. So, for a look bold and shiny, find a decorated dress for your wardrobe.
  4. The Right Amount of Lace
    Yes, lace dresses are the epitome of elegance. I remember my first cocktail dress. It was a knee-length, full sleeves dress with a laced back. Lace is smooth; it goes with every style of dress you pick. The magic of lace is that it can instantly transform a piece of clothing into something beautiful and feminine. It does not matter which occasion is on your mind, a lace dress will fit right into it. Lace dresses enhance your appearance even more if you couple them with a perfect pair of heels and a nicely done hair—the last two are something about which we will talk later someday. But, know this, a lace dress is a must-have.
  5. The Strapless Beauty
    If there is one dress that is too generous to your body, then it has to be the strapless one. There is something exceptionally feminine and sleek about these kinds. The only thing is that you cannot wear a strapless dress on every occasion. These beauties are reserved for informal occasions. But, whenever you grace an occasion in these dresses, you will feel so beautiful and comfortable. It is suggested that you may want to find those with little details on them such as a bit of shimmer or ruffles. You may want to opt for an asymmetrical hemline for strapless dresses if you want to wear longer dresses.

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