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5 Top Universities in Cuba That Are Amongst The Best, 2020

When I think about Cuba, I imagine the crystal-clear ocean, exciting beaches, smoked up cigars, and music. However, on a close-up, it is much wilder, prettier, and more different than you can ever imagine. We all know about the touristic virtues of this country, but maybe not aware of its academic potential. Yes, Cuba makes up for a very good place for pursuing higher education. Once you finish reading up this piece, you will get a fair idea of where my confidence comes from.

In this article, you will come across a list of 5 well-acclaimed higher education institutions that have made strides nationally and internationally. All the universities mentioned below have found a place among the top 300 in the world and are particularly prominent in Latin America. So, let us take a look at them and you can figure out whether these universities make the cut for you.

  1. University of Havana: In the capital city Havana, the namesake university is an example of excellence and recognition. Founded way back in the 18th century, the university is the oldest educational institution in the country and was once religious. Bolstering cultural thought, it has produced many notable personalities such as Fidel Castro and Carlos Alfonzo. As of today, the institution has a total of 16 faculties offering courses in myriad fields including economics and social sciences.  To add to the scholarly contribution of the university, there are 4 full-fledged research centers. In case anyone is unable to attend on-campus lectures, he can enroll himself in the distance program provided here.
  2. Technological University of Havana José Antonio Echeverría (CUJAE): It was in 1964 when CUJAE debuted in the world of higher education, and ever since then, it has amassed great reputation in and outside Cuba. Envisioned and founded by Fidel Castro, it started functioning with two faculties of Engineering and Architecture. Decades have passed ever since its inception, and the university now has a sprawling presence throughout. It discharges its various functions from more than 40 buildings and through 9 faculties including that of Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, and Civil Engineering. There are also 10 research centers that are continuously involved in various developmental works and include the Complex of Integrated Technological Research (CITI) and Centre for Hydraulic Research (CIH).
  3. University of Oriente-Santiago de Cuba: Situated in Santiago de Cuba, the University of Oriento-Santiage was established in 1947 and presently holds its position as among the best in the country. With 3 campuses spread out throughout the city, the university conducts a range of programs through 13 faculties. These faculties include Economics and Management, Chemical Engineering, Construction, Medicine, and Mathematics. It holds the distinction for its contribution to the scientific community in Latin America and has been recognized for this from time to time.
  4. University “Marta Abreu” of Las Villas: The University “Marta Abreu” of Law Villas is a public university which was established in 1952. With a package of 13 departments, students are given the option to study a plethora of academic programs such as Construction Engineering, Psychology, Information Science and Education, Humanities, and Agriculture. It imparts these courses through 2 campuses, one of which is situated in Santa Clara and the other one can be found in Topes de Collantes amid the Escambray Mountains. It has a long list of prominent personalities as its alumni such as Ernesto Estrada, a Cuban-Spanish scientist; Antonio Rodriquez Salvador, a popular fiction writer; and Miguel Diaz-Canel, a Cuban politician.
  5. Universidad de Cienfuegos Carlos Rafael Rodríguez: Another Cuban public university that has drawn much attention in the international academic forum is the Universidad de Cienfuegos Carlos Rafael Rodríguez. Also known as the University of Cienfuegos, it is situated in the namesake city and operates 4 faculties in total. These faculties are Social Sciences and Humanities, Engineering, Agrarian Sciences, and Economic and Enterprise Sciences. The benefits of studying here are two-fold: first of all, the excellent academic program delivered by a talented team of teachers will offer you a nice learning environment; and second of all, you will be living in the Pearl of the South, Cienfuegos, which is a beautiful place featuring lovely beaches and exciting lifestyle.

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