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DIY Hairstyle to Try and Slay Your Looks

We all love and try our best to look good. But, what to do with the hairstyle when you don’t have the luxury of time and you are in early-morning hurry to be ready in flash? Thankfully, we are living in a world that is more accommodative with high acceptance and appreciates the carefully careless look. It is natural to go blank when in a hurry. Try these DIY crazy-fast and chic hairstyles for an insanely great look in the quickest possible time.

You don’t need to be a comb-ninja to slay your looks with amazing hairstyles. If you are at home then fine and great, just follow the hairstyle steps even if you are en route to work. Whatever is your hair type, you will get great DIY hairstyle tips here. Continue reading and start practicing, even if you are low in energy and high in motivation for a stunning hairstyle matching your personality.

  1. Easy DIY Hairstyles
    Most of us aren’t lazy by nature but made so by the situation. In normal days we get just 5 or 10 minutes to beautify hair. Here are some of the simple easy-to-do DIY hairstyles to slay your looks, almost instantly.
  2.  Low Bun Hairstyle
    The universal a.m. syndrome makes it impossible to spend time on your hair. Creativity is the only rescue, so try a super-messy low bun for a perfect carefree look. All you need to do is blast your hair with some texturing spray for grit and hold and then separate hair into three sections. Now, hold the middle section and make a ponytail using bobby pins and a hair tie. For perfect chic bun wrap all three sections around the hair tie. You are ready to go wherever you want.
  3. Side Swept Curls Hairstyle
    Are you fade-up of your old twist-out hairdo? Then try this quick switch up DIY hairstyle. Create a deep left side part and take a small piece of hair from the same side and twist it. Now, it is time to hold it in the back of your head using bobby pins. Apply some oil spray on curls to add a little reflective shine. Isn’t it the simplest DIY hairstyle to revamp the look?
  4. Deep Waves Hairstyle
    Looking for a glamorous look with a wavy hairstyle, but don’t have hours to waste in the company of hairstylist in the saloon. Your hairspray and wand are more than enough to get a supermodel-like wavy hairstyle that too instantly. Use your hairspray to get a better hold of your hair and then create curls with a wand. If you are worried about curls then don’t worry they will look super tight, at least for a day. Run the brush through your hair and you are ready with voluminous waves to rock like a model.

  5. Hair Pins Hairstyle
    If you are looking for something more simple yet stunning in the quickest possible time then be creative with your hairpins to create uniquely slaying looks. Equally great for almost all hair types, this DIY hairstyle gives you the freedom to experiment with hairpins and bobby pins to create a stunning hairstyle matching your personality. One simplest and easiest one is to part your hair in the middle and play with each part using bobby pins on top of your ears. Give volume as per your taste and facial parameters and you are ready to go outdoors.
  6. Easy Topknot Hairstyle
    A messy bun is easiest, but if you are in a creative mood then topknot hairstyle could be a better choice for a cool and chic look. Don’t worry, you don’t need anything extra other than light wax or gel, bobby pins, and of course brush. First of all, brush your hair and then apply the optimum amount of wax or gel to keep hair smooth. Now, pull your hair into a high ponytail and then wrap your hair around the base of the ponytail. Use your bobby pins to secure it in the right position for long. If you want to bun fuller and voluminous then you can use hair donut.
  7. Blowout
    Want to recreate the silky-smooth blowout in 5 or 10 minutes at home then be ready with the right brush and hairdryer. It is pretty simple to get the gorgeous smooth, shiny, and glossy blowout almost instantly. Use clips to separate hair into sections as per the hair length and thickness. Now, take ¼ of one section using a round brush and use the hottest setting of the dryer and pull the hair upward. Repeat the process with each section and you are ready with a perfect blowout.

The DIY hairstyle options are endless, but these are more popular as these are pretty simple and easy to do. For a change, you can try beach wave hairstyle and the all-time great rope-braid hairstyle depending on the need of the occasion.

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