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How To Pair Scarves With Different Outfits?

Scarves have now become a quintessential accessory for completing our appearance. A simple scarf is capable enough to convert our normal outfit into a stylish one. It can give an altogether new look of yours to the world. In the market or online store, you’ll get scarves in a variety of colors, sizes, fabrics, and shapes that are, of course, designed for different purposes. Additionally, there are different ways to tie them. For the best feedback, you need to modify the way of wearing the scarf as per the occasion and outfit. So, slay others by your look with a little planning and a lot of research. So, follow the latest fashion trends, pair your scarves with your various outfits to render you a complete wardrobe makeover.

  • Pairing with a T-shirt
    For your slaying casual look, wear a scarf with your t-shirt. Here, you can apply permutations and combinations of colors and patterns of your t-shirts and scarves. You can either go with the same colored t-shirt and scarf, a plain t-shirt with a patterned scarf or play with contrasting colors. Loose and tight knots also play a vital role in highlighting your personality. Tight knots draw the other person’s attention towards your face where loosely draped ones highlight the remaining body.
  • Pairing with a Blazer
    I guess, a scarf is the easiest thing to drape that completes your outfit and if it’s to be worn with a blazer, you need not think much about it. Just pick a lightweight scarf (preferably linen or silk) of any desired shape, say big squares, small kerchiefs or long scarves and wear it the way you want. You can simply drape it loosely around your neck, tie a knot or wear it like a tie and you are ready to rock. You still have a pool of prints and patterns to choose from.
  • Wear it like a Headband
    If you think that scarves are meant to be worn just around your neck, you are simply wrong. You have various other cute ways to flaunt your scarf, like wearing it in your hair as a headband or tie it around your ponytail. I know, the market is already pooled with millions of headbands of numerous styles, colors, and patterns and you must have owned a few too but it’s always good to utilize an article in more than one way. Secure it with a scarf pin to carry it with more confidence.

  • Pairing with a Scrunchie
    Scrunchies are every girl’s BFF, as these are pretty gentle to the hair and hence, don’t leave you with those dreadful kinks on untying. So, choose any colored scrunchie of silk or velvet, tie it on your ponytail and go with your favorite scarf. It serves a dual purpose of providing you an out-of-the-way look while managing your hair at the same time.
  • Pairing with your Formal Wear
    You can always go well with scarves at any time of year, whether it’s spring, winter or fall. Silk scarves top the chart, especially in winters. These give your work outfits a vibrant look without making you an eye-disturbing element at your workplace. I know, wearing a scarf in the office is not as easy as it sounds but you can still wear a plaid scarf with a formal shirt and trouser. If you’re wearing an all-black outfit, complement it with a white scarf to give you a bold and elegant look.

Seems interesting, isn’t it? Well, there a few things you need to consider so that it doesn’t spoil your look. You are free to mix solid colors and patterns keeping in mind the color wheel. Pick colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel, as these are complementary to each other. Too much brightness will leave you to look awkward, so try to mix your vibrant scarves with neutral colored outfits. And remember, excess of everything would spoil the intention.

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