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How To Decorate Luxury Home With Limited Supplies?

Your dream home acts as a magnet for positive vibes and hence shall be studded with style and creativity. Unfortunately, for the longest time, home decor has swayed across pompous things that just increase the glam quotient of the space. But what if we told that you can simply renovate your personal arena without breaking the bank?

Well, it might raise a few eyebrows out there, but minimalistic décor is the popular trend these days. So, whenever you plan to redecorate, tweak these simple tricks into the décor, and create spaces that showcase your trendy taste.

  1. Artistic Canvas:  Blank walls represent a missed opportunity, so it is better to have only a few of them in your home. Artistic DIY Canvasses are one of the best ways to beautify interiors today. The best part of making canvas is that you can try freehand and draw any pattern, design, or just fill in bright colors to make them look more artistic.
  2. Plants: Plants add a fresh outlook to any home décor in this day and the age of concrete jungles. Therefore, home interiors should opt for the “Green Code” by adding elements of nature in every small way. Few plants that spruce up the décor are snake plants, spider plants, golden pothos, dwarf banana, peace lily, and aloe vera. These little plants are not only easy on the pocket but also bring a creative change in the home atmosphere.

  3. Wall stickers:  Urban homes have limited space and thus require attractive decors to enrich the walls. Viny wall stickers are the coolest form of decors to adorn the spaces in a house. These are available in the form of pictures, quotes, flowers, and increase the visual appeal of living spaces. Moreover, another aspect of these stickers is that they are easy to install and remove. So next time you want to change your space, opt for these easy to use and affordable décor strategy.
  4. Update the hardware:  Hardware’s are a great way of bringing freshness to the home interiors. These natural pieces of furniture are crafted from recycled wood and lend a rough character to the hallway or master bedroom. The only trick you have to follow is to make the hardware as multi-purpose so that it can be easily put away to make room for more space when required.
  5. Add rugs:  Decorating home interiors can be really tricky, especially when there is a shortage of space. This is when rugs come to your rescue. You can add larger rugs that will trick the eye into seeing more. Rugs are a fashion statement full of grandeur, thus always aim to purchase a bigger size depending on the space of your room.
  6. Go for life-size mirrors:  Mirrors are the true blue way of adding more light into the rooms. They also help in giving an illusion of more square footage. You can either use one large mirror or an array of small ones to create an illusion of visage in your living space.

  7. Color the chairs:  Don’t you just love to paint? Or is it only us? Paints are deemed as the funkiest way of quirking up home décor. You can start by painting the chairs and move towards walls or doors. Trust us, the amazing impact made by just one stroke of color will seriously breathe a new lease of life into your home.
  8. Balcony Treatments:  Balconies are an important part of every home, and more so when the home itself is an apartment. Whether you have a tiny balcony or an elaborate patio, you can turn the space around by bringing certain changes like wicker chairs, swings, elegant lights, fluffy pillows, or plants.
  9. Hang a photo gallery:  Photos are a great alternative for artwork and quickly make any space look livelier. Just hang in a string of memorable snaps on the living room wall or the hallway and you are all set to bring in diversity with minimum effort.

 So, these are some of the instant makeover ideas for your home sweet home. Mix and match these above-mentioned points and make your home sweet home look dynamic and different in a jiffy.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - How To Decorate Luxury Home With Limited Supplies?
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