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Perfect Lounge Looks for Your Work from Home Days

We all get conditioned to work in a particular setup and style. We make adjustments in what we wear according to comfort and situational requirements with a core goal of productivity enhancement. The Corona Virus pandemic has forced millions to work from home as self-isolation is the only remedy available to avoid the chances of the deadly infection. As expected, people are performing below their own expectations due to either a stressful environment or simply due to work-space and clothing-related conditioning. How difficult it is to re-condition self for work from home in loungewear.

Most of us are in a conundrum of “what to wear” while working from home for optimum productivity without sacrificing the comfort of home. This becomes more challenging if you are duty-bound to attend professional video calls from the private space of your lounge. It has been proven through psychological studies that when you wear formals your abstract thinking and performance improves as compared to casual clothing.

Formal clothing influences the cognitive capacity to visualize things in a certain context. But, what is the solution if you are supposed to remain indoors for an uncertain number of days? The only possible solution is the creative blending of formal and causal so that productivity could be maintained without compromising the freedom of home comfort.

  1. Perfect Lounge Looks for Work from Home Days
    Thankfully, the loungewear market has evolved in recent years to offer a decent range suitable to perfect remote working professionals. If you are worried about your performance in troubling times then here are some loungewear inspirations to help you select the best for comfortable work-from-home schedule:
  2.  Cashmere Coziness
    You heard it right, cashmere loungewear is in vogue and the credit goes to the creative junta of fashion designers. Now, you have high-quality cashmere knits available at affordable prices. Bright color-blocked jumper and cardigans will give you the much-needed cheer to your home-wear clothing collection. Recycled jogging bottoms and oversized knits from Arket could be another option for stunning lounge looks. To make it perfect pair them with leggings and slides and flaunt it while on video calls.
  3. Evergreen Pajama
    Social isolation is redefining the way we used to rate clothing collection in the wardrobe. Pajamas are definitely getting more and more attention in lockdown. You must have a good collection of stylish pajamas, all you need is a little bit of creativity to make it look like lounge work-wear. Those satin pairs, feather-trimmed collection, or patterned pairs are more than good for a great lounge look. You don’t have to worry about hiding them while working from home.
  4. Tailored Big Trouser
    Work from home gives you the freedom to wear whatever you want, at least below the waist. If you are deeply conditioned for formal work-wear, then tailored big trousers are your best option. For perfect comfortable lounge look while working from home you should opt for long-style with a wide-leg in sizes that fit you. To make it even better opt for something with a high waistband. Your favorite t-shirt with a simple cardigan will give you the much needed professional confidence.
  5. All-time Great Tracksuit
    It is an all-time favorite of all those working from home millennials since the arrival of the dot com era. A hoodie and tracksuit bottoms are one of the best-rated work from home outfits. If you are new to the world of remote-working then you should add some level of coziness and invest in luxury variants of the hoodie. Since there is broader street acceptability it goes well with your work-wear conditioning requirement. All you need is the confidence of freshness so buy a larger size for comfort. Wear it with tapered trousers and trainers for long work from home hours.
  6. Hybrid Shoes
    Frankly, nobody is going to see what you are wearing in your foot, but a little additional comfort of furry slippers will boost your confidence and productivity as this will give you the feeling of totality. Thankfully, you have innumerable shoe-hybrids available in the market to suit your mood, tastes, and comfort. You have the option of luxury rubbery pool slipper and moccasin slippers as well.

The world will definitely come out of the Corona Virus crisis and the world will regain momentum. But, the work culture will see a drastic shifts mostly in favor of remote working. So, it is better to be prepared with the good lounge-wear collection and get re-conditioned for work from home, not just know but even in the future.

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