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5 DIY Projects To Take Up During Lockdown

Corona has made all of us stuck at home for obvious reasons. Some has made their home their ‘workplace’, while others are just exploring the options to exercise in this ‘quarantine’ time.  So if you too belong to the latter case when you’re not ‘working from home’ then you shall do at least something ‘at home’ to indulge yourself in some productive work. This is the ‘perfect’ time to do all the stuff you always wanted to go with. Still doubtful? Let’s proceed further for some great projects you can do at your place during this lockdown.

Pursue Your Hobby
This is the best time to pursue your long-lost hobby or you can even try your hand on a new one. Just do something that brings that inner happiness within you. If you are a music lover, you can try singing or learn a musical instrument online at home. But make sure your singing doesn’t turn out to be a ‘torture’ for your family members and/or neighbors or else restrict yourself to be a bathroom singer ;). Dance lovers can utilize this time in learning the dance form they love the most and let their body groove on the music they want. Numerous dance channels on YouTube even show you the tutorials so that you can grasp the steps better and perfect. If you are fond of writing, it’s time to refine and polish your writing skills.

Time For Your Home Decor

Due to your hectic schedule on weekdays and relaxing weekends, what is majorly affected and avoided is your home. Now, it’s time to give your home an ‘improved’ look. Change the home decor to the extent you can do on your own or with the help of your family members. You can even rearrange the furnishing items, as doing this can also leave you with a pleasant feel. For example, you can change the cushion covers and curtains or restyle your sofas or couches. You can also try your hand on an indoor plantation in the backyard or balcony. Trust me, having plants at home can distress you and lightens the atmosphere.

Stay Fit Indoor
If you are a fitness freak, then this option must have struck your mind already. Yes, you need not go to the gym for attaining a fit body; workout at home is a good option to choose during the lockdown. Numerous exercises can easily be done without requiring any equipment. Lunges, push-ups, squats, plank, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and body crunches are just to name a few. You can also enroll in online yoga classes if you are a beginner. You also have an option to watch various YouTube videos for a proper workout session if you don’t want a single penny to spend. So, just gift yourself a new and improved body during this lockdown.

Enhance Your Creativity
It’s time to bring out the hidden artist in you, that can be transpired in several ways. You can either exhibit this creativity in cooking and eventually develop a new chef within yourself or amend your cloth arrangements differently in your wardrobe (dump the ones you have not worn in the last one year). Accumulate your disassembled photos in one place, arrange them in proper folders, and take out a few hours to go down the memory lane. Improvising the games you used to play in your childhood is also a good option.

Business Woman Reading A Book

Develop A Habit To Read A Book
Books are your best friends, they say. People may leave or misguide you but you just can’t go wrong with any book. The niche of the book is of course of your choice. This world gives you a hell lot of book options. Since your exposure to the outside world is now restricted and if you don’t possess a single book at home, you can try for free audio/video podcasts available online. Try to be consistent with this habit later as well.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - 5 DIY Projects To Take Up During Lockdown
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