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Want To Impress with a recommendation Letter? Here are 5 Tips to Take Note of

You have got your eyes set on your dream university, but there are many people like you with similar ambitions. The only difference between them and you is how you reach you reach your target. Some will not take their admission process seriously; some would not. It is this difference you must maintain if you want to surpass others and secure yourself a place in your dreamland. One way to do so is to ensure that your recommendation letter is the best acknowledgment of you and everything about you.

Recommendation letters are important requirements in international admission processes. You need to accost an individual of significant standing in his profession and society and have him recommend you for admission. You can approach whoever you want, but you must ensure a handful of things if you wish to have this very important person genuinely acknowledge you and your ability to be the part of the institution you are aiming for.

In this article, I will give you an idea of what needs to be taken care of:

  1. Choosing your person
    First thing first, who should you ask for a recommendation letter? You must only choose that person who fits in the world where you seek to belong. If you want to study Law from Harvard, you should try getting a recommendation letter from a person with a great practice in law, or a related faculty or a Judge. Because if you ask your neighbor who is an expert in astrophysics to write you a recommendation letter, people at Harvard would want to know more about your neighbor but may not find the recommendation letter relevant to your admission to law school. But, it depends.
  2. Know the person
    You may want to approach the person directly but it is better that you start by knowing him first. Try contacting them personally, offer them an insight into your life, why you chose them, and what you expect from them. Do not blurt out “write me a recommendation letter” and instead establish a relationship with him. This way, he will find you as a person who is polite, professional, and patient. The better he and you understand each other, the better your recommendation letter will be. Do not, however, rope in your friends and family into this.
  3. Be very specific and on-point about your goals and antecedents
    The recommender would have to know all the essential details about you, your family, your academic life so far, and which university and courses you are aiming for. It is best that you forward your resume, your bio, the details of the courses and university applied in soft copy, and address every question he may have. The point is that the letter should have clarity, and this clarity can only be obtained if the writer himself is clear. Also, highlight why you are interested in the said university and its courses.
  4. Avoid double-checking the letter
    You need to give the impression that you trust the recommender—and this is important because such confidence will enable the recommender to form a better opinion about you. It is not that double-checking the letter would necessarily affect your relationship with the recommender. But, it will surely enhance it and be reflected in the content of the letter if you do not. Actually, you are most likely to receive a copy of the letter from the recommender but make sure you have made yourself clear in the beginning that you are okay with waiving off your right to double-check the letter.
  5. Give time to the recommender
    It will be a gross mistake on your part if you force the recommender to write the letter in a short time. You must, firstly, approach people for the letter way in advance; secondly, you must offer them a good amount of time to write the letter after having approached them. Writing a recommendation letter—a good one—is not a piece of cake and requires a lot of thinking and structural writing. Consolidating everything is not simple, especially for the person who may not know you too closely.

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