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7 reasons Why Santiago, Chile Should Be Your Next Destination For Higher Education

Home to more than 7 million people, Santiago is among the most densely populated regions in the country. It is incidentally the capital city of Chile. This city has been there as the center of political, social, economic, and cultural affairs since colonial times. Today, it is also a popular tourist destination, and people from all over the world visit it to explore and experience its unique charm. But, tourism is not just the only thing that attracts people worldwide. Santiago’s education sector, its student-friendly atmosphere, high living standards, etc make it an ideal place for pursuing higher education internationally.

To give you a better idea about the same, I have mentioned 7 reasons why Santiago makes up for an awesome place for higher education.

  1. The high standard of education
    Of course, the first thing you will want to know is the standard of education in Santiago. Know this that this city houses some of the best-known universities in Latin America. These universities include the prestigious Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile known for its excellent coursework on architecture, and law and agriculture; and Universidad de Chile, which features among the world’s top 10 best institutions for mineral and mining engineering. So, rest assured that you are going to invest in world-acclaimed institutions delivering on their promises.
  2. A Friendly Environment
    Visiting a new place is intimidating even if you have prepared yourself rigorously for this. In Chile, everyone is welcomed, and it should not surprise you if you are invited for lunch or someone strikes conversations with you casually. In fact, if you want any help of any sort, you can unhesitatingly ask the locals and they would help. It is, however, recommended that you learn local Spanish to interact better.
  3. Living Costs are not steep
    Living in a capital city often comes at a dear cost. However, Santiago does not ask its students to empty their pockets for living within its bounds. There are many privileges accorded to students. The best giveaway is that the public transportation network is efficient, well-connected, and cheap. Even food and other services are available at competitive but reasonable prices. So, all your basic expenses are manageable.
  4. Easier access to training programs
    Santiago being the economic powerhouse of the country has many businesses, organizations, and governmental institutions within its fold. This means, students are strategically positioned and can exploit these circumstances to their benefit. Internships and apprenticeships can be availed easily here, allowing them to explore more dimensions of learning. So, even extra-curriculum activities have been awesomely covered in the whole “come to Santiago” package—you just need to sign up for it!
  5. An exuberating city
    Nobody wants to spend their student life in a dull place. Student life might want some break from all the pressure, and for that, Santiago is perfect. It is culturally and socially vibrant. There is a lot of history to be explored here as well. Festivals happen frequently, which means you will have enough opportunities to mingle, celebrate festivities and enjoy the Chilean way. The point is Santiago will never disappoint you; there shall always be something you can do to give yourself some break.
  6. Populated with the young and friendly
    Despite Santiago being a friendly city, we often seek association with our peers because we find it more relatable. Well, Santiago brims with young people majorly because it is quite popular for its education and work sector. So, many student groups offer guidance to newbies on how to survive the city and its academic world. Plus, a city populated with the young means you will find ample opportunities to socialize and make friends.
  7. You will be safe
    Latin America may not have a very great reputation in terms of safety but Santiago could be among the exceptions. With a remarkably low crime rate, Santiago means safety to many students. Of course, you may encounter petty crimes but that is the story of the entire world. Safety is an important factor for students, and particularly for their parents. But, if it is Santiago, you may not have to worry much.

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