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10 Things you should know about what it means to dress for a red carpet event

Whether your name features on the invite of a premium event or you are playing the host yourself, a red carpet event is never easy. Preparing for the event and selecting a dress is an art in itself. There are dedicated designers and fashion houses who pander to the demands of celebrities attending such events.

You and I being men and women of work do not have access to such luxuries. But that does not mean that we are not entitled to having moments of our own. So, I bring to you the ten things that you should know about what it means to dress for a red carpet event.

  1. Read the invite
    Getting your dress right begins by identifying the event. A red carpet event is a special occasion but you still need to know how the night is going to proceed. Thankfully, this information can be gleaned from the invitation itself. In case it is an oral invite (which is rare), you can ask the host to specify. Amongst other things, this will help you settle on the comfort level for your dress.
  2. Get a professional makeover
    Your hefty investment in a dress, the carefully selected shoes, assorted jewelry, and a painstakingly planned evening—nothing is going to work if you don’t invest in your looks. A red carpet event means that all the eyes in the industry are going to be on you. Seek the help of a professional with your hair and makeup on the day of the event.
  3. Investing in skincare
    You certainly don’t want to look like you’ve just stepped out of rehab or a cave. Unless you are a celebrity, red carpet events don’t come along often so you would want to look your best. As you age, so does your skin. It loses its natural luster; a slight tan makes you look young and healthy. The sun’s UV rays can do more harm than good though! It is better to exfoliate and have a spray-on tan for getting that impeccable “young” look.
  4. Poise and pose
    There are going to be shutterbugs and you are going to get clicked a lot. If you are a woman, spending the night in high heels is going to be hard on your feet. If you are unseasoned in them, your feet are going to be in agony. You don’t want the pain to ruin your evening just a few hours in. Invest in a quality footpad that supports the soles of your feet and bears the majority of your weight.

  5. Tact or tacky?
    What are you going to go for? Red carpet events bring with them a load of pressure to cope with. You might feel compelled to go with something you are not comfortable with. The only aim is to look right, right? Actually, no, you don’t want that. You don’t want to come across as someone who you are not. If you are going to step outside your comfort zone, make sure it is memorable, not meme-able.
  6. Modesty
    What looks great in front of a mirror might not be the best, practically speaking. The message here is that even celebrities have double-sided tapes in their dresses to avoid any unfortunate incident. There is nothing wrong with being going little risqué but your dress should accommodate for the movement that you might be expected to make (dancing, moving around, sitting at a table, etc).
  7. When in Rome…
    The industry that you work in also dictates what you should be wearing. For example, a corporate event in the finance industry will see people dressed more sharply than at an event for creative people. Your position also commands certain attention; the higher you rank, the more you spend on your dress.

  8. Dress according to the dress code
    You need to keep in mind what kind of event you are going to attend. A cocktail event is different from a dinner party. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to wear the same outfit you wore at a formal event to a black-tie event. This rule goes for both men and women. You have your separate dresses laid out for separate occasions.
    If you are not sure about what to wear, check the invite and then look online for some pointers. For situations like these, it is wise to always have a tuxedo, a jacket and a suit in your wardrobe. And its cocktail dress, evening gown and a full-length dress for women.
  9. It is about you, not you versus everyone else
    When you are out to buy a dress for your evening on the red carpet, do not go with a competitive mind. Shop for what suits your body type, not what everyone is going with. If you are not comfortable in an off-shoulder, then don’t wear it. The aim is to feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

  10. Being prepared
    Dressing for an important ceremony is about feeling your best. It doesn’t matter you are wearing a stellar dress if you can’t muster the confidence to carry it. The best way to go about it is to be prepared for any emergency that might come up. If you feel like you have something private to take care of, wait till everyone’s eyes are on the stage and you have no cameras pointing at you.

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