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Office Obsolescence – Why Working Remotely is the Future of Business

With technological advancements in recent years, more people than ever are choosing to work from home. What was once but fantasy is now a reality, and people all around the world are able to get their work done on the run. Remote working has completely changed the way businesses operate, allowing employees the freedom and autonomy to work from wherever they choose. In today’s article, we have a look at why working remotely is the future of business, so read on to find out more.

Higher Levels of Punctuality

Are you a business owner who struggles to ensure that all your employees clock in on time? Does the punctuality of your staff rely on train schedules, traffic and general commuting delays? The beauty of remote working is that it almost entirely eliminates the need for your workforce to travel to work every day. Instead of battling peak hour traffic, your staff are able to attend video conferencing meetings on time and get their work done ASAP. They can even use the Deputy time clock app to ensure that they are clocking in their hours in order for you to keep track of employee performance and attendance rates.

Lower Overheads

On average, most businesses spend up to $40,000 a year on commercial rent. This figure can go up or down, depending on the amount of space, desks and facilities needed. Thanks to the growing popularity of remote working, businesses are able to slash this expense down to a minimum as there is less need for office space when employees work from home. Other costs incurred such as electricity, paper usage and computers are also greatly minimised when staff are allowed to operate remotely. If you are a business owner looking to cut down on overhead, we highly recommend you consider the transition to working remotely.

Foster Employee Loyalty

Did you know that employees who work remotely have shown to take less sick leave days compared to standard office employees? This is mainly due to stress levels being lowered when working from home which allows for a healthier work/life balance. Employees who work remotely also tend to be much more loyal to the business as they are given the trust and autonomy to work with a schedule that gives them as much freedom and flexibility as they need. If you’re looking for employees that stay with you for decades, you need to make the transition to working remotely today.

Improved Levels of Productivity

Some may assume that because employees work from home, distractions may get in the way and productivity levels may drop. This is not an uncommon assumption, but to everyone’s surprise, studies have shown that home-based workers tend to be a lot more productive than their office-bound colleagues. Research has shown that remote workers tend to clock in more hours, often work on weekends and even choose to get at least a little work done if they are sick. Due to the flexibility of working remotely and the elimination of work to home commutes, employees end up spending more time on their job than they would in the office.

Access To Foreign Talent

If you are looking to source talent from all around the nation or world, remote working is your golden ticket. Traditionally, businesses work with employees that are within the commuting proximity of their premises. However, when working remotely, businesses have access to top talent, foreign talent and other creatives that may live far away. Embracing remote working allows businesses to access a wider pool of workers and applicants that can bring an immense number of different skills, talents and benefits to the business.

Remote working is truly the future of business. We hope that this article has given you insight into a few of the numerous benefits that remote working can offer your business.

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