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Reminder: Top 5 Luxury Spas in the World To Not Miss Out On

I am writing this at the time when the entire world has gone indoors and is bracing up for a tough fight against an invisible but deadly foe, COVID-19. The general mood is, naturally, sad and apprehensive. But, let us take a break from all of this—even for a few minutes—and talk about things we might do after this ordeal ends.

One of the greatest luxuries of being a human is the existence of spas. Spas transport you to another world and relax every nerve in your body. Their true purpose is to give a sense of immersion into bliss, even for a moment, so that we can take our attention away from worldly affairs. Today, there are uncountable numbers of spas in the world, but some of them are just incredible. They are extravagant, extremely relaxing, and highly professional. Such a package is, of course, worth quite some money, but worth it all. If you check the list below, you would know about 5 of such luxury spas that take the top spot in the world.

  1. Nihi Sumba, Indonesia
    Address: Hoba Wawi, Wanokaka, West Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
    Situated amid a beautiful natural expanse, Nihi Sumba is where comfort lies. With stunning views of the majestic Indian Ocean and high-rise views due to its location atop a cliff, you are already at ease when you reach here. Over here, there are many kinds of packages targeting different customers with different needs. Whether you want silky-smooth, flowy hair or a radiating face after a meticulous facial process, you have got it here. Note that every ingredient used in treating you are natural and have been selected from the abundance of the island.
  2. Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland
    Address: Rue du Lac 142, 1815 Clarens, Switzerland
    If you are looking forward to exploring the Swiss paradise, then you cannot miss out on Clinique La Prairie. Powered up with the help of a super-professional and highly skilled staff, you are assured an experience you will remember for a long time. Once you sign up for treatments here, there is a long list of services waiting for you. These services include aerial yoga, Hammam sauna, showers, and Jacuzzi. But, nothing works better than nature, and you have plenty of her around the spa facility. While you get yourself treated, find yourself gazing at the snow-capped Alps and the charming Lake Geneva.

  3. Verdura Resort, Sicily
    Address: S.S. 115, Km 131, 92019 Sciacca AG, Italy
    Verdura Resort is not just your regular spa. It is a package deal that you do not find everywhere. To have a wholesomely healthy experience, you must take care of your bodily needs, inside and outside. While the various treatments in a spa target the inner bodily needs, Verdura also considers the relevance of fitness. So, over here, you will have a plethora of physical activities to engage yourself in: tennis, golf, and a range of other sports. You can even get a personal trainer. Of course, it does provide those conventional spa treatments such as sports massage, thalassotherapy pools, and whatnot. Plus, there is also a children’s club making it an inclusive establishment.

  4. Gainsborough Bath Spa, England
    Address: Beau St, Bath BA1 1QY, United Kingdom
    The moment you lay your eyes on this spa facility, you will be swept away. Its grandeur reflected in its design will simply make you hungry for its services. From its awe-inspiring pillars to its thermal pools, everything about this place is worthy of being called aesthetic. While its thermal pools are the main highlight of this facility, its other services are equally impressive and include a sauna, massages, yoga, aromatherapies, and others. The location of this spa facility is just right; you can find it is nestled in an English town and surrounded by excellent choices for eating out.
  5. Paradise City, Korea
    Address: South Korea, Incheon, Jung-gu, Yeongjonghaeannam-ro 321beon-g, 186
    The very name of this spa facility gives me a good idea of what you will be signing up for. Koreans are known for taking wellness treatments very seriously, and the sheer amount of services you will find here at Paradise City shows that. In this facility, you will find a handful of spa zones such as Jjimjil Spa Zone, a sauna, thematic pols, LED art, and dining facility. While it uses many European treatments, it does incorporate Korean spa culture which you can very conveniently experience at the Jjimjil Spa Zone. I have kept the best part for the last: this facility is just a part of Paradise City; there is also a hotel, a shopping complex, and an amusement park to keep you blissfully occupied.
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