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Hyatt Life: 6 Things About The Star-Studded World of Hyatt You Should Know

In the world of high-end accommodation, Hyatt is a name that resonates with class. It is one of the most trusted brands of hotels and resorts in the world, and this feat was not achieved in a single day. Years of investment and engagement in a world of services made Hyatt what it is now. You may or may not find Hyatt the best but will certainly agree that it enjoys a good reputation in the hospitality industry.

Having maintained such a presence in a highly competitive industry, we should know about its world a little bit. Perhaps, knowing certain details about Hyatt would make you appreciate even more why it is what it is. In this article, you will find 6 such points about Hyatt. So, here we go!

  1. The origins
    In the year 1957, an American entrepreneur, Jay Pritzker, purchased a motel in the Los Angeles International Airport which was owned by Hyatt Robert von Dehn. He started investing his money in the motel’s operation and ultimately expanded its network. The first-ever international hotel of the brand was established 12 years later in the dazzling city of Hong Kong. Then, the rest is history. The world welcomed the rapidly expanding world of Hyatt and its luxurious services.
  2. Gold Passport Program
    If you have been a visitor to Hyatt, you must have had the opportunity to hear the term “Gold passport”. Started in 1987, this is a loyalty program of the brand that offers concessions to the guests. Now changed to “World of Hyatt”, the original loyalty program was liked and enjoyed by many. The program offered you the right benefits, from quality service to elite concessions. However, to access these benefits, there was one requirement: loyalty. If you are a loyal customer, you could get the opportunity to get upgraded rooms, the late check-out facility, and complimentary premium internet connectivity. These options are still available in the new program, but the glory of the original program will never fade.
  3. The coverage of Hyatt
    Hyatt is a much bigger world than you think it is. It started from a small motel but now stands as a corporation with its impact on many areas of related business. It is involved in 4 broad areas namely Americas Management and Franchising, EAME/SW Asia Management and Franchising, ASPAC Management and Franchising, and Owned and Leased Hotels. There are various categories of hotels it operates such as Hyatt Regency, Park Hyatt, Andaz, Grand Hyatt and what not. As of 2019, the corporation has 913 hotels spread across 65 countries.
  4. Awards and Recognition
    It is not just Hyatt which is boastful of its exemplary services; the world supports its claim. The brand has been a recipient of recognition and many awards. Whether it is quality of hospitality or work conditions, the brand has secured a respectable place in both. It has been placed among the top 100 companies to work for, ranked among the best workplaces for women, and received honors in Travel+Leisure India’s Best Awards in 2017. This shows that the brand is not just a ‘big talk’. You will find excellence here and in case you have any complaints the same shall be handled with utmost professionalism.

  5. Know more about the categories of Hyatt hotels
    Let us talk more about the various categories of Hyatt Hotels. The most luxurious categories are Park Hyatt and Grand Hyatt, both of which have fewer than 50 properties across the world. Then comes Hyatt Regency, which has a spread of more than 200 and is largely focussed on business and leisure travelers. There is a category called Hyatt, which is the actual Hyatt brand and is cheaper. Andaz and Hyatt Centric are lifestyle brands and often incorporate local culture. For example, Hyatt Centric is technologically friendly. The most common brand is that of Hyatt Place with more than 325 properties worldwide. A collection of boutique hotels called the Unbound Collection also exists. The list will go on and on: there are many resorts, clubs, and whatnot.

  6. International collaborations
    Hyatt keeps growing, and it does so by also engaging itself in international collaborations. For example, it collaborated with Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) allowing the World of Hyatt subscribers to earn reward points while staying in any of the properties of the SLH. Similarly, it partnered with MGM Resorts International to allow members of both to avail reward points and earn perks in the establishments owned by either. This shows that even though you are not actually in a Hyatt property you are not completely detached from it as well.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Hyatt Life: 6 Things About The Star-Studded World of Hyatt You Should Know
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