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Does Your State Have Labor Law Poster Requirements?

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When you start a new company, you must post all the labor laws that apply to your business. Federal labor law posters are a common sight, but your state may have laws that supersede federal statutes. Ensure that you have the appropriate posters in the break room or around your facility. Your staff must be advised of their rights, and you must buy all the appropriate posters today.

Check Both Federal And State Law

You can check labor laws online to learn what you must post for your business. You can easily see which federal laws apply, which state laws apply, and the posters you need. Once you know what to post, you can buy your posters right away.

Buy All Your Posters

When you check out a company like Resourceful Compliance, you can buy all the federal and state posters for your business. You must post all federal regulations where they are easy to see, and you should post state regulations in the same places. Do not post two different items that contradict each other For example, the state minimum wage may be higher than the federal minimum wage. Posting both wage posters is confusing for everyone involved.

Post Your Own Regulations Or Rules

Your company may do more than the government requires. When this is the case, you can print your own posters. Show your employee how much minimum wage is at your company, and explain how many sick or vacation hours your employees accrue during the year. You must post all this information in the same place as your federal and state posters.

Are The Laws Changing?

Federal and state law could change at any time, and you may not realize the laws have changed right away. You must sign up for a business email service or check the state department of labor website. When you are reading the state site, you will learn about any changes that have occurred. You can buy new posters right away, and you will prevent any problems within your company. If an employee brings these changes to your attention, you must order the posters right away.

Are You Exempt From Certain Labor Laws?

Labor law exemptions occur when you do not have many employees or your business does not fall under the categories listed for each law. You should call the state department of labor for more information, and you should not post any labor laws that do not pertain to your business. If you have only a few employees, you may not need worker’s compensation insurance. Therefore, you should not post any information about worker’s comp. You do not want to confuse your staff if you are not subject to minimum wage laws, or your company may have a different minimum wage because of the industry you work in.

When you want to remain compliant as a business owner, you must check all the labor laws that apply to your business. Your state may have laws that supersede federal statutes, and you must post information about each law where your employees can see. If you do not hang these employment law posters, your company could be in violation of federal law. Your employees deserve to know their rights, and you should research those rights carefully before buying your posters.

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