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How Enterprise Can Use Technology For Onboarding New Employees in this Pandemic Periods

The coronavirus outbreak in 2020 has forced many businesses to move online and even focus solely online. On the other hand, enterprises that seek an easy and seamless to hire new employees this pandemic season, have to adopt technological apps. These are innovative applications that will streamline the hiring process and ensure that neither the health of the HR manager or prospective candidates is put at risk.

What’s more, the accuracy, precision, and cognitive intelligence offered by technology provide companies and HR teams a quicker and more efficient way to screen job applicants. Therefore, the hiring process is faster and takes lesser resources. This makes technology a must use in recruiting and assessing potential employees.

VidCruiter Innovative Technology

One modern technology that has stolen the light of the day is VidCruiter. This is a video recruitment application that offers companies and human resource managers unique tools to enable them to hire new workers. VidCruiter also brings about cost benefits while at the same time providing a more enhanced candidate experience. Over and above that, VidCruiter features include:

  1. Video Interviewing:
    VidCruiter video interview software allows you to get pre-recorded videos of your candidate’s responses, or conduct live interviews. It works with you from the early stages of screening to the final interview. As such, this level of support helps to speed up the interviewing process and also save travel expenses. In the case of the latter, the coronavirus epidemic won’t be a limitation since you can still hire employees as they adhere to movement restrictions.
  2. Audio Interviewing:
    It’s possible to wrongly analyze a candidate that will handle the customer representative aspect of your company just by reading their resume or listening to them on phone. As such, VidCruiter’s audio interviewing feature, VidAudioInterviewing offers you another way to assess the communication skills of potential employees. You can use the audio interviewing to assess each candidate’s voice quality, pronunciation, and level of comprehension even before an interview is conducted.
  3. Structured Digital Interviews:
    VidCruiter encourages the use of structured digital interviews to get different responses to the same question from potential candidates. The goal is to find the most ideal candidate instead of being biased. It also saves the company from a legal lawsuit since there is no favoritism and every candidate is examined using the same question(s). Much more, candidates are selected using objective rankings instead of subjective instincts.
  4. Automated Referencing:
    More references often mean spending more time and resources to go through each. Nonetheless, VidCruiter’s automated referencing, VidReferencing automatically requests and verifies references submitted by hundreds of candidates. For this reason, you can ask for as many references as you’d like, yet save yourself the extra costs that would’ve been attracted for reviewing them. There’s also the short amount of time an automated reference checking system uses compared to manually sorting out references to make verifications.
  5. Skills Testing:
    VidCruiter’s digital skills testing software offers a unique and intuitive user interface to examine the technical skills of potential employees. These tests can become a part of the hiring process to ensure the candidate you choose has knowledge of basic technological tools. Accordingly, the tests center on Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint, RFP simulations, typing speeds, script reading, amongst others.

Benefits of Using Technology to Hire Prospective Candidates

The application of technology in recruiting potential candidates and employees offers numerous benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Wider Talent Pool:
    Job roles advertised online, receive more applicants compared to the use of printed ads. The same can be said when the hiring process is conducted online since you can interview more candidates. These benefits are why 92% of recruiters in 2015 resorted to social platforms to get candidates. That being the case, you’re offered a larger pool of talents around the world when you advertise your job roles online. What’s more, job seekers on your platform can apply for numerous roles with just a click.
  2. Simplifies Process:
    Technology makes the hiring process easier for recruiters and applicants. For starters, the applicant can pre-record a video at their convenience and submit it to your company to be reviewed. In the same vein, you can review these videos in your own time and anywhere. It’s also worth noting that there are automated tools that help to schedule interviews, administer assessments, analyze references, amongst others, thereby reducing human interaction. Due to these benefits, 60% of companies in 2013 began using video interviews for hiring.
  3. Faster and Cheaper:
    It is entirely possible to manage the applications of candidates in the least amount of time thanks to a recruitment system. The time that would’ve been spent making arrangements to meet the candidate in an office or even cover their travel expenses is eliminated. Furthermore, an applicant tracking system helps to sort candidates based on the qualification. It also makes it easy to obtain references and verify them without manually going through each.
  4. Bias-Free:
    Humans can easily be swayed by the appearance of a person or their relationship with other people. When that happens, it could make them biased when choosing prospective employees, which could cost them talent and money. For example, 75% of employees revealed that they hired the wrong person for a position. Contrastingly, the use of technological apps focuses on an individual’s qualifications, skills, and experience during screening. That being so, it eliminates the potential for bias since the best interviewees are selected using these criteria.

The use of technology for remote interviewing enables enterprises to hire more workers without inviting them to their offices. VidCruiter, for instance, has provided all the tools that will make the hiring process more efficient, cheaper, and faster even in the face of a global pandemic. Accordingly, if you’re out to get these benefits while increasing your workforce, it’s an application you need to employ.

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