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What inspired Mehdi Mobarakeh to become a Lifestyle Influencer

Life is nothing more than a total of stories, experiences, and people that you meet along the way. Our path unravels based on the choices we make, and more often than not, people choose to follow their hearts. Mehdi Mobarakeh, a widely successful serial entrepreneur, decided to spend his time sharing his knowledge, experience, and wisdom with those around him. His passion for motivating, educating, and encouraging people to follow their dreams have made him a reputed lifestyle influencer.

Mehdi Mobrakeh was amongst the affluent few who realized his responsibility towards society relatively early on. In a bid to help people understand that success is within everyone’s grasp, he continually strives to lead by setting a good example. Mehdi explained further, “I wanted to help people realize their dreams, as each of us has the potential to be successful. As the years passed, I found myself surrounded by people who would seek my guidance. Before I knew it, I became a mentor, an influencer, and somebody that they trusted.”

To reach out to a broader audience, Mehdi leveraged social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. He enjoys sharing parts of his life with his audience. From fast cars, and sumptuous food, to his travel exploits and intuitive fashion sense, Mehdi enjoys living life on his terms. Mehdi elaborated, “There is a lot more to life, apart from financial success. That’s where real happiness lays hidden away. If I can share my life and experiences and help people pursue happiness and fulfillment, then that is a true achievement.” He believes that there is no greater gratification than helping people lead meaningful lives.

When he isn’t busy expanding his multinational businesses, Mehdi enjoys spending his leisure time in constructive ways. He hopes that fellow entrepreneurs and people in positions of power draw inspiration from him and help give back to society. Being an ardent animal lover, Mehdi has supported various NGOs and causes to advocate animal rights and prevention of cruelty. He firmly believes that each of us should play our part in making the world a better place, no matter how small.

Mehdi commenced his professional journey as a talented Civil Engineer and worked on several road and construction projects. He later observed great potential within the real estate and import-export sectors. He spends most of his time traveling between Iran and Turkey, constantly expanding his business empire.

After achieving a great deal of success as an entrepreneur, Mehdi shifted his focus towards knowledge sharing and motivation. His innate passion for helping people gradually transformed him into a guide and mentor who transcends conventional boundaries to help people live life on their own terms. The ability to reach out to people and help make a tangible difference in their lives led Mehdi to become a reputed lifestyle influencer, with a heart-warming agenda.

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