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Colour of the Year and How Can You Include it in Your Wardrobe

Human life is all about dynamism, vibrancy, and colorfulness. We try to bring in the element of the natural color spectrum in our day to day life to be in sync with nature. It has been proved through several studies that colors are helpful in changing mood and temperament. Just like any

Another year, the Pantone Color Institute has chosen “Classic Blue”– the color of calm and confidence as the color of the year for 2020. This deep blue color is all about connecting with the universality of the deep blue sky and vastness of the deep blue ocean.

It is time to reassemble your wardrobe according to the “Color of the Year” and be in sync with the global fashion trend and part of the calm and confident tribe ready to lead in a meaningful way. If you are concerned about the lack of clothing options when it comes to classic blue, here are some of the tips to build a trendy wardrobe.

How to Include Classic Blue in Your Wardrobe?

In contemporary fast-paced life full of stress, the selection of classic blue as the color of the year will help the world in building trustworthiness, credibility, dependability, and constancy. If you want to be calm and confident in a stressful situation, your wardrobe must-have rich collection of classic blue clothing. Here is how to build a classic blue wardrobe:

  1. Totality
    Blue or classic blue is all about totality, just like the infinite sky or the vast ocean. Blue is all about anticipation and reassurance, so build your wardrobe with the sense of totality. Whatever suits your persona, add a little blue into it in the right combination and proportion. You will feel the magic of being in sync with nature.
  2. Royalty
    If you observe the celebrity fashion scene closely, you will find that blue is the color of choice because it is aristocratic, calm, and elegant. Royal blue is one of the most popular color for formal occasions. Name any dressing style, and classic blue will go well with all with an oozing sense of confidence and connect.

  3. Seasonality
    Blue, although on the darker side of the color spectrum, is now going beyond it seasonal suitability for autumn and winter. Be it formal or informal, and deep blue is one of the most popular color in fashion runway spring and summer 2020. You can add classic blue suits, jackets, sweaters and matching accessories in your wardrobe to make it more universal in appeal.
  4. Pairing
    If you want to make your wardrobe more blue-focused, you can pair classic blue clothing smartly for elegance and impact, rightly. If the occasion demands, you can wear a classic blue outfit only, but if you want a little change, you can try different shades of blue for contrast and appeal. Pairing deep blue jeans with baby blue upper outfit gives you perfect color harmony and the chic look. For a little formal occasion, you can try baby blue shirt underneath a classic blue suit. You will get compliments for your gorgeous look.
  5. Accessories
    Royalty has its own limitations, and this applies with the classic blue color as well, which is a little darker. Most people struggle to get perfect pairing accessories with classic blues, like red with blue. The latest fashion trends are in favour of brown with classic blue. Simplicity and naturality of brown go well the elegant and peaceful classic blue. The brown accessories like handbags and belts could help you break the loaded look of classic blue attire. For a change, you can try a brighter caramel bag in combination with a classic blue pair for a younger look.
  6. Happy Feet
    When it comes to fashion, white is your rescue color. When nothing works in combination, it is all-purpose white that does justice. If you want to build a fashionable color of the year wardrobe, then you must have the right pair of white shoes to make your collection great. White with classic blue gives you the much-needed freshness and clean look. Although, not much in vogue but this blue-white combination will help you redefine your fashion. To make it even better, you can try white and classic blue checks for a trendy look.

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