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How Do Economic Consultants Find Clients?

The economics field is a small one. As a result, quality employees are challenging to find. The economic consulting field is especially on the hunt for employees.

This field deals with various companies and how they deal with their money. Most importantly, economic consulting firms help business owners understand how valuable their companies genuinely are.

The people within these firms need to have a specific skill set. This includes being able to work well with numbers, having a reasonable amount of social skills, and, most importantly, problem-solving abilities. The basis of the field is to find and deal with economic problems that people without this set of skills could not.

People and firms that are new to economic consulting struggle with the same problem, finding clients. A great way to advertise to new businesses in search of financial consultants is to think of why they need you. Below are some advertising ideas that stem from the thought of why the customers need economic consultants.

Offer an Understanding Specific to Your Cause

People want someone who understands what is going on precisely in their specific situation. One way of developing a small but reliable customer base is to approach it like a niche audience. This way, you gain a clientele base, little but stable, and you get better at your job.

Repetition is a great way to become better at something, and approaching your audience with a specific set of skills is a great way to develop recurrence.

Pick Out a Problem They Have Trouble Solving

Sometimes, when you have a tight-knit group of people, think tanks to solve problems become a revolving door of the same ideas. Sometimes it can be useful to offer a free consultation and help people look at their problem from a different angle.

The field of economic consulting is a career path that gets crossed off many people’s options. This has mostly to do with when people think of economics they think of a tedious desk job. When it comes to economic consultants, this couldn’t be further from wrong.

Economic consultants have to deal with human interaction daily. Working with other people to work with problems and find solutions is the most significant part of the job. When people with the skills of an economic consultant disregard the option of this field, the field slowly dies.

This is the primary reason why new firms and people are struggling to find new clients. With the reduction of economic consulting firms, companies are starting to adapt and find new ways to sort out financial problems.


What these companies don’t realize is that these consulting firms can help them save money, but it starts with you. If you have the skills to be an economic consultant but are turned away by the thought of a desk job, then give it a try. The title of the occupation doesn’t give it justice.


Sophie Ireland
Sophie is the Research Editor at CEOWORLD magazine. She is based in the company’s New York office. Sophie has worked as a reputation advisor to nearly 250 global CEOs, 3,200 other C-Suite executives, and high net worth individuals for over 9 years. She joined CEOWORLD magazine as a Research Analyst, conducting comprehensive research using both open-source intelligence and premium resources, as well as enhanced due diligence, compliance, and risk assessment, and financial analysis and complex valuations. As a nonpartisan consultant to global business executives, business leaders, and think tanks, she focuses on economics and public policy issues. Her passion is explaining complex economic issues for the layman. She can be reached on email