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Accessories For Your Bohemian Look

Bohemian fashion is all about the freedom to try something unconventional with a hallmark counter-culture theme. Although associated with the hippie era of the 60s and 70s, it isn’t new phenomena. In the contemporary fashion scene, it is more acceptable to wear something unorthodox, effortless and relaxed clothing with a unique combination of artistic accessories.

Bohemian is all about the ideological expression of a free-living lifestyle looking beyond the traditional styling constraints. If you love the sense of freedom in fashion and want to express it through bohemian style, here are some of the tips to choose matching accessories popular across the world.

Popular Accessories for Bohemian Look 

Express your individualism through loose and flowery clothing in earthy and natural colors. As far as style is concerned, go for all-time favorite maxi dresses and anything with fringes and tassels. Make it more vibrant and dynamic with kimonos, ankle boots, and head-wraps. The closeness with nature is the hallmark of bohemian style, so keep this element of natural-proximity in the selection of bohemian accessories. Here are some of the most popular accessories for a bohemian look:

  1. Fringed Necklace
    Fringed necklaces are a core component of bohemian accessories to make decorative. It helps in completing the edges and adds a little length to your style. You can include statement stone in it to make it more impactful.
  2. Layered Necklaces
    If you are in a romantic mood and want to make it more enticing, then a layered necklace gives you a tool to express your emotion, perfectly. Wear the layered necklace with a white top and let your body do the talking. You have endless options to choose and the freedom to add pendants depending on your clothing and the need for the occasion.

  3. Shell Choker with Silver Pendants
    If you regular at untouched beaches and want to exhibit connection with nature in bohemian style then you can make shell choker accessories part of your beachwear. These nature-inspired shell chokers go well with your skin and of course the free-spirit of bohemian style. Add a silver pendant to make it more alluring and enhance your tempting look on sunny beaches.
  4. Suede Choker
    If you are in love with the gypsy culture, suede chokers are there to add value to your bohemian outfit. You can add more elements like a loose flowy dress and brown boots to make it more contemporary. It gives you an element of unpredictability and effortlessness.
  5. Rings of Expression
    The best thing about the bohemian style is the freedom to mismatch. You can always try a different combination of rings studded with stones to express your emotions boldly. You can create wonders of wearing rings of different sizes and designs. Make it look more exotic, try adding tribal and mini knuckle rings.
  6. Ankle Bracelet
    This age-old accessory from Asian culture gives you a very unique and authentic look. This eye-catching accessory goes perfectly well with the bohemian style and helps you stand out in the crowd. To make it more vibrant, you can add exotic looking rings with stones on your toes.
  7. Mussel Shell Accessories
    If you want to make your beachwear more expressive, then try adding mussel shells necklace in your collection. It takes you more close to the natural theme, the typical bohemian connection. The settled natural color of mussel shells gives you the freedom to wear it with any clothing collection.
  8. Feather Accessory
    Bohemian styling is all about free-spirit and nothing works better than feathers in making your accessories, be it necklace, earrings, or bracelets, more natural. For a vintage look, you can try rust-coloured pieces and for modernist look silver pieces. Wearing feathered accessories with the floral dress will make you look stunning.
  9. Tassel Earrings
    When it comes to earrings in Bohemian look, tassel earrings are a must in your collection. A classic black pair of tassel earrings will make your night-out thrilling, as it goes well with all causal or vintage clothing. This dangling tassel piece adds versatility to your styling. Show some creativity in customizing tassel earrings according to the need of the hour.
  10. Coin Pendant Necklaces
    It is all-time great when it comes to bohemian styling. You have full liberty to redesign and redefine the hidden meanings behind coin necklaces. It goes perfectly well with casual attire and helps you start and set the tone of the conversation. Make it bold by using some ocean blue stone pendants.

The bohemian look is all about liberty to experiment beyond the traditional boundary of accepted looks. This gives you room to try something unconventional yet impactful. Make your statement through the right combinations of accessories.

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