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Stream Energy Kicks off 2020 With a Special Focus on Texas Renewables

For many energy customers, having access to energy means using the one provider that covers the area they live in. Choice, by and large, is often not available, leaving some people with the bitter feeling that they’re unable to pick a retail energy provider that best suits their needs.

Stream Energy, which was established in 2005, wants to change that. The discount energy provider is known for offering plans that lock in prices for as long as three years, and the company is kicking off 2020 with robust service in the beloved Lone Star State.

Texas is where Stream Energy was founded and where the retail energy provider is based, so many of the retail energy provider’s plans are tested and fine-tuned there. For instance, Stream Energy has invested in providing renewable energy – or a renewable energy component – to many of the company’s plans.

And as far as states go, Texas offers an abundance of renewable energy options for the retail energy provider’s customers. In Houston alone, customers can opt for 12 months of 100 percent renewable energy through the company’s Green & Clean plan. Users pay 13 cents per kWh and can rest easy knowing that the energy provided comes from renewable sources such as solar, wind, and biomass.

For new customers, the Flex Choice Intro is the way to go. Users pay 14.1 cents per kWh but don’t need to commit to 12 months, 24 months, or even 36 months of a locked-in rate. For the customer that simply must have a locked-in rate, there’s Stream Energy’s Simple & Secure plan, which locks rates in place for a year or three years.

Texas, in particular, has risen to be one of the most progressive green-energy-producing states in the U.S., with solar and wind farms opening up all over the place. The state benefits from having many miles of windy, wide-open spaces, which are perfect for wind farms and solar farms that generate energy without encroaching on civilization.

In fact, Texas has been so forward-thinking with its green energy plans that retail energy providers like Stream Energy can deliver affordable, renewable energy to customers with ease. In 1999 and 2005, the Texas government created a set of energy goals. Since that time, the state has done more than just fulfill those goals; it has blown them out of the water.

The shining star of renewable energy in Texas is wind. As it stands, Texas boasts more than 40 wind projects across the state, some which deliver energy for Stream Energy customers in Dallas, Houston, and beyond. The key to wind power in Texas is space. Many wind farms exist in places that most Texans may never visit, especially in the high plains areas of places like Lubbock County, where miles of wide-open spaces are optimal for creating distributed energy-generating wind farms that are so remote and spread out that they’re almost immune to sabotage.

For retail energy provider customers like the ones that count on Stream Energy to provide electricity, a vast distribution network takes the power of the wind directly to them. In fact, Texas provides so much energy that other states benefit from what Texas produces.

For the Stream Energy consumer in Texas, wind energy is a reliable source of power that provides little carbon footprint. Understanding that many Texans are concerned with how much energy they use and pollution they create, the retail energy provider has created a program designed to offset customers’ carbon footprints.

The Stream Energy eco+ program allows customers to add 1,000 kWh of renewable energy to their traditional energy plan. This 1,000 kWh is designed to make up for 1,000 kWh of energy that might be generated from a traditional power plant or other less eco-friendly sources. But for many Stream Energy customers, having a purely renewable energy plan is more than enough to embrace environmental values and offset any less-than-green practices used in daily life.

Customers can expect more wind and solar power in 2020. In West Texas, large-capacity solar farms are popping up all over, which is giving Texas the ability to produce so much energy that it exports some of it to other states. In fact, private businesses are now harnessing the solar power of Texas to provide more energy for their companies.

Last year, Starbucks invested in a solar farm specifically designed to power 360 coffee shops throughout Texas, in Plano, Arlington, Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth. This new plan now has Starbucks stores across Texas powered by two 10-megawatt solar farms.

In Plano, Texas, an area that has seen a solar and wind energy boom over the last few years, green energy provides a great foundation for affordable green energy prices. Stream Energy customers in Plano have the option to get energy through more traditional sources and add on eco+, or they can use the Green & Clean plan, which allows them to lock in their price for 12 months.

Whether customers live in Houston, Arlington, Dallas, or Fort Worth, retail energy provider Stream Energy has invested heavily in delivering clean, sustainable energy for customers. And with so many wind and solar farms in existence, with many more on the way, Stream Energy customers can enjoy a more eco-conscious life without sacrificing a cleaner way of living in the process.

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