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Europe is a popular destination for international students, and while we are still at it, let me mention how much awesome Belgium is for higher education. Belgium remains the highlight in international politics, which gives it much needed exposure and development incentives. Not just this, the country features a multicultural lifestyle, high standards of living, exquisite cuisine, and an excellent work environment—all of these are some of the essential factors in deciding whether or not to go overseas for studies.

Of course, there are many options to choose from, and there will be many considerations to take note of. We will talk about them sometime later. Today, our focus shall be centered on the best places to study in Belgium. A few good universities have been mentioned in the following paragraphs. So, stick with me while I introduce you to the many esteemed educational institutions of one of the most welcoming countries in the world.

  1. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven).
    KU Leuven is the highest-ranked university in the country, which incidentally is also the first and the oldest university in the country. Founded in the early 15th century, the university imparts world-class education through its 14 campuses spread out in 10 cities. The courses are divided into categories namely, Engineering and Technology, Biomedical Sciences, and Humanities and Social Sciences. To create an all-encompassing environment for students beyond the country, the mode of instruction is generally English. If you make it to this university, you are assured a brilliant career ahead no matter which field you choose.
  2. Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL).
    UCL is another university in the country with its foundation days in the early 15th century. With its campuses operating from 7 different locations, the university has expanded considerably and now caters to a huge student population. Each of its campuses is staffed with talented faculties a substantial part of which is international. It is a student-friendly institution, and this aspect manifests in many programs it organizes such as study assistance, financial aid, and housing assistance. Its courses range from undergraduate to doctoral all featuring a high-class curriculum.
  3. Ghent University.
    Among the world’s best, Ghent University is a dream-come-true opportunity for a student. It is often close to KU Leuven in terms of reputation and holds prominence in research work. As of now, it operates 11 faculties including Arts and Philosophy and Business. Whatever major you choose, you will be encouraged to participate in in-depth research activities. The University is a great place if you are aiming for a top career in science and related fields, though it excels in the provision of qualitative education in other fields as well. Securing a seat here may be a bit difficult but once you pass that hurdle you are guaranteed returns, emotionally and materially.
  4. Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).
    VUB has been here for almost 2 centuries and its glory is evergreen. It is a research-oriented institution that operates 8 faculties including Humanities, Science and Engineering, Technology, and Photonics. It is known for its domestic and international collaborations such as with the University of Kent, Royal Military Academy, and Brussels Chamber of Commerce that are aimed at bringing its students to limelight and offering them access to a world of educational and work opportunities. One of the main highlights of this institution is its democratic way of functioning which means that all major decisions are taken after the effective involvement of students, faculty and every other stakeholder. Also, its articles are cited pretty highly in and beyond Europe.
  5. The University of Antwerp.
    The last one on the list is the University of Antwerp. Known for its popularity among international students, the university offers a conducive environment for multicultural engagement. Almost 19 percent of the total student population is international and comes from more than 120 countries. There are a specific number of programs that are administered in English, and they are usually at the Masters’s and doctoral levels. All undergraduate programs are delivered in Dutch but do not fret as the institute offers a Dutch language course for a year to help you. You get to choose from among 9 faculties here which include Arts, law, Social Sciences, Design Sciences, and Biomedical.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Education - Top Universities In Belgium, 2020
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