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Heading to Ireland? Top Higher Education Institutions You Should Check Out

University students in class

Ireland is one of the most notable places to go to if you are looking forward to qualitative education. In this country, there are all kinds of educational institutions for your consideration, from full-fledged universities to specialized colleges; there should be an institution of your liking. It is not just the numerical strength of these institutions that gives them an edge; Irish universities and colleges are among the finest in the continent. They cater to a variety of courses and have been consistently ranked among the top in world rankings.

Irish education is all-encompassing and is welcoming to people from all over the world. Read along and you will know more about it through the top 5 educational institutions here. They are reputed in and outside the country and have excelled on all major fronts. With this note, let us find out more about them.

  1. Trinity College Dublin.
    College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland
    The capital city, Dublin, houses the oldest educational institution in the country, Trinity College. Its regional relevance is at par with that of the quintessential University of Oxford. The world of Trinity College is large and endearing and you can avail of all sorts of courses, from theatre to science. To ensure that students’ performance is routinely monitored and worked upon, it operates a system of personal tutorship. If there is anything more admiring than the comprehensive course structure of the college is its alumni base. From the evergreen Oscar Wild to the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, it has been home to the world’s who’s who.
  2. University College Dublin.
    Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland
    Another glittering name to the capital’s admirable higher education system is the University College Dublin. Just a couple of kilometers away from the capital, University College Dublin is one of the most acclaimed research institutions in the country. It is, especially, notable for its contributions to the field of sciences and humanities. However, its true achievement lies in the fact that it has implemented a wonderful and successful program of attracting and assimilating international students to the Irish fold without compromising with their educational and cultural expectations. As a result of these endeavors, the institute is known as a Global University.

    University students in class

  3. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI).
    123 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin, D02 YN77, Ireland
    In the world of medicine, the name of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland stands high and mighty. Ever since its inception in the 18th century, the college has grown and developed itself into a reputed institution. Its many courses include a variety of areas of study such as healthcare technologies. Its programs include 5-year and 4-year courses in pharmacy and physiotherapy respectively, master’s programs and doctoral studies. Many scholarships are offered to brilliant candidates, and this special treatment is especially extended to the students of Masters and doctoral programs.
  4. The National University of Ireland.
    University Rd, Galway, Ireland
    Galway is the place to go to in 2020 if you want to explore something fresh and engrossing. It is a small city with a rich countryside appeal and an exciting lifestyle which will keep you in a good mood. If you decide to study in Galway, then nothing could be better. Its National University of Ireland, formerly known as Queen’s College Galway, is a reputed university in the country offering a range of courses. It is quite popular for its focus on linguistic studies and literature. The School of Languages houses an excellent collection of Irish-Gaelic literature which was extensively read during older civilizations. The university is an esteemed member of the prestigious Coimbra Group, which is an international association of reputed European universities.
  5. Dublin City University (DCU).
    Dublin City University Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland
    Dublin City University is a public university that was started in 1975 and is home to more than 15000 students from all over the world. Over here, there is a plethora of courses to consider such as business, engineering, computing, arts, biotechnology, English, History, Theology, and Physical Sciences. With its focus on research, it has undertaken many collaborations with institutes in and outside Ireland such as the National University of Ireland Galway, University of Wollongong Australia and Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta. To impart effective training to its medical students, it is engaged with any reputed hospitals in the region.

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