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10 Tips For Getting The Right Deal For Your Luxury Hotel

A stay at a hotel should not come with accompanying guilt on a vacation, even if the vacation falls right after a holiday season. Any place that you are, people around you would be planning a family or solo trip to someplace exotic. This means getting the right kind of hotels can turn out to be a bit indulging and time-taking, even if you are planning for a luxury vacation. We are here to help you enjoy a luxurious vacation without having to worry about spending too much on hotels.

Read on to find out the top 10 must-know tips for getting the right deal for your luxury hotel.

  1. Make an early booking
    The beginning of the year is the best time to book a hotel. Festive-goers have just vacated the rooms and hotel managers are looking forward to filling their rooms in an offseason. Christmas being rearview helps lower the price further. In January, hotels are merely focused on filling their rooms at competitive prices and not turning over hard profit every week.
  2. Stay at the edge of town
    Many a time, you would be surprised at the quality hotels you get at the edge of any town or city. And the price is significantly lower. The reason being that not many people visit these hotels on account that they are so far away from the city center.
    Staying at the edge of the travel destination will show you that you can live in luxury hotels at significantly lower prices than what you have been paying for.

  3. Read those email alerts
    The next time a hotel mails you, do yourself a favor and do not opt-out. Every once in a while, these hotels come forward with a booking discount that they advertise through their mail bursts. Signing up for email alerts can be worthwhile if you get to know about deals being offered directly.
    The luxury hotel does run such campaigns in off seasons when they are struggling to meet their target and getting their rooms full. In the hope of attracting fresh tourists and travelers, these hotels offer special discounts that they advertise through email bursts.
  4. Loyalty pays
    One of the surest ways to avail benefits is to make use of loyalty programs. Over some time you build up points that can then be either redeemed or exchanged for an offer. Certain luxury hotels let you stay for free if you have enough points.
    These points accrue when you have had some previous transactions at the hotel or are already a member. VIP hotels offer you double the burn value in comparison to other hotels. These schemes can be pretty cool if you are a traveling individual.
  5. Always ask about cancellation
    While including the option to cancel a room might look like a more expensive one, it is more economical. When you are about to check into your room, look up the rate for the room you choose. If you feel like you have overbooked, you can cancel and re-book the room at a lower price. You would be saving a lot of money in the long run—money that you can put to better use.

  6. Book your hotel when you are booking your ticket reservation.
    By combining the price value of your flight ticket and your hotel, you stand to unlock even better rewards. These awards are not monetary but might be converted into or exchanged for a service or special session at the hotel.
  7. Begin on a Sunday
    Most people want to get their vacations finished by a Sunday so that they might able to rest for a bit before heading out for work. Instead of going for a Friday to Sunday plan, do the opposite. Start traveling on the first day, Sunday, and then spend the rest of the week on the road before coming back on Friday. That way you will have an ample amount of time to unwind.
  8. Make use of operators.
    Some top tour operators have got a long-standing deal with almost all major hotels. In the age of instant information, it might seem a bit redundant to go on a tour with a tour operator. But they are in a solid position to negotiate you a better deal at the hotel you are staying in.

  9. Stay close to financial districts.
    Staying close to financial districts is beneficial because these financial hubs are frequented by business insiders. They visit the place during weekends and leave as soon as the working starts. This situation makes for an imbalance in hotels wherein all their rooms are empty during the weekdays.
    To fill up their vacancy and to earn the bare minimum per room, the hotels open their gates to guests who are looking to score a good deal. It might seem more appealing to stay in the city center but staying at high rise office spaces, close to financial districts can be a lot more welcoming than you think.
  10. Stay away from airports
    Traveling in from a distant city would make you want to stay close to the airport, so that it may be easier to reach the airport when it is time to return. But in reality, the farther away you are from the airport, the lower the room fare that you are going to pay.

Staying far away from the airport, you might have to spend a few hours additionally in traveling. But with the amount of money you save, you can treat yourself to an extra day on the vacation. Almost all major hotels are situated away from the airport these days.

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