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Top 10 Countries Leading The Way In Internet Speeds

There are some countries that are leading the way for their speedy internet connections while some others do not invest the most in their internet provisions. The global internet speed study also takes a look at the countries that have seen the biggest percentage increase in internet speeds over the past two years as well as the time it would take to download a 5GB movie in different countries around the world. Data pulled in November 2019.

Taiwan leads the way for its speedy internet connection where the average actual download speed is 85,2 Mbps. Also, in Taiwan, the recorded change in internet speed between 2017 and 2019 is 147%.

Singapore (70.86 Mbps), Jersey (67.46 Mbps), Sweden (55.18 Mbps) and Denmark (49.19 Mbps) complete the top five countries that are leading the way for their speedy internet connections. Closely follow Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Norway.

The United States is 15th at the list. The average actual download speed is 32.89 Mbps while the recorded change in internet speed between 2017 and 2019 is 64%.

Greece ranks 56th in the world based on the actual average internet speed users have metrics. The average actual download speed is 13,41Mbps.

At the bottom of the list, we can find Equatorial Guinea, East Timor (Timor-Leste), and Yemen. The actual average download speed in Equatorial Guinea (2019) is 0.51 Mbps, in East Timor  0.45 Mbps and in Yemen 0.38 Mbps.

Here are the top 20 countries leading the way in internet speeds:

  1. Taiwan: 85.02 Mbps
  2. Singapore: 70.86 Mbps
  3. Jersey: 67.46 Mbps
  4. Sweden: 55.18 Mbps
  5. Denmark: 49.19 Mbps
  6. Japan: 42.77 Mbps
  7. Luxembourg: 41.69 Mbps
  8. Netherlands: 40.21 Mbps
  9. Switzerland: 38.85 Mbps
  10. San Marino: 38.73 Mbps
  11. Norway: 38.46 Mbps
  12. Andorra: 38.31 Mbps
  13. Spain: 36.06 Mbps
  14. Belgium: 35.69 Mbps
  15. United States: 32.89 Mbps
  16. Latvia: 32.74 Mbps
  17. New Zealand: 32.72 Mbps
  18. Estonia: 31.55 Mbps
  19. Hong Kong: 31.37 Mbps
  20. Hungary: 31.1 Mbps

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