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These US States Have The Larger Number Of Pedestrian Fatalities

New York
New York

The US Department of Transportation published in 2019 key findings of pedestrians killed in traffic crashes in the United States. The key findings refer to data from 2017. In 2017 there were 5,977 pedestrians killed in traffic crashes in the United States. A total of 5,890 traffic crashes had one or more pedestrian fatalities. On average, a pedestrian was killed every 88 minutes in traffic crashes. That is more than 16 people a day, almost 115 people a week. The 5,977 pedestrian fatalities in 2017 were a 1.7% decrease from 6,080 pedestrian fatalities in 2016.

More pedestrian fatalities did not occur at intersections (73%) than those that occurred at intersections (18%). The remaining 9% occurred at other locations such as roadsides/shoulders, parking lanes/zones, bicycle lanes, sidewalks, medians/crossing islands, driveway accesses, shared-use paths/trails, non-traffic way areas, and other sites. More pedestrian fatalities occurred in the dark (75%) than in daylight (21%), dusk (2%), and dawn (2%).

California leads the list with a larger number of pedestrian fatalities in 2017. A total number of 858 pedestrians were killed. Closely follows Florida with 654 pedestrian fatalities. The next one is Texas with 607 pedestrian fatalities. Georgia and New York complete the top 5 list of US states with a larger number of pedestrian fatalities. Georgia has a total of 253 and New York 242 pedestrian fatalities. Arizona follows with 216 pedestrian fatalities and the next one is North Carolina (198). New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania follow with 183, 156 and 147 pedestrian fatalities respectively.

During the winter months, more than one third (35%) of pedestrian fatalities occurred from 6 to 8:59 p.m., followed by 16% from 9 to 11:59 p.m. During the spring months the largest group (27%) of pedestrian fatalities occurred from 9 to 11:59 p.m., followed by 22% from 6 to 8:59 p.m. During the summer months more pedestrian fatalities occurred from 9 to 11:59 p.m. (34%) than any other time, followed by 16% from midnight to 2:59 a.m. During the fall months 30% of the pedestrian fatalities occurred from 6 to 8:59 p.m., the next largest group was 22%, during the hours of 9 to 11:59 p.m.

More than two-thirds (4,177 of 5,977 or 70%) of the pedestrians killed in traffic crashes were male. The overall male pedestrian fatality rate per 100,000 population was 2.60, which is more than double the rate for females (1.07 per 100,000 population). The highest overall pedestrian fatality rates by age group were 55-to-59 and 75-to-79 age groups (2.81 and 2.71 per 100,000 population, respectively). The single highest fatality rate by age and gender is for males 80 and older, at 4.55 pedestrian fatalities per 100,000 population.

These are the ten US states with the larger number of pedestrian fatalities:

  1. California
  2. Florida
  3. Texas
  4. Georgia
  5. New York
  6. Arizona
  7. North Carolina
  8. New Jersey
  9. Michigan
  10. Pennsylvania

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