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How Do You Choose The Perfect Tie For Your Business Suit?

perfect tie for your suit

Ties have been around since the 17th century. This neck accessory was first worn by Croatian mercenaries serving in France. King Louis XIV grew so fond of the tie that he himself started wearing it. And this style statement has never gone out of fashion since then.

But why should you wear a tie? More than anything else, it commands respect. The fact that you have taken the time and effort to wear one gives out a clear message that you care about your appearance.

Since it was adopted by a noble king, the tie is a timeless style statement. Also, whether you wear it at a job interview or at a business meeting, you always feel more confident wearing a tie.

But how do you choose the perfect tie for your business suit? Here’s our guide to coordinating your tie with your suit:

The tie is secondary

When it comes to choosing ties, follow this golden rule:

The tie should be compatible with the rest of the outfit, and not the other way around.

You may put on a stunning tie. But if it does not pair well with the rest of the outfit, you are assured to get some disapproving looks. No matter how impressive your tie is, an outfit is a team game. Not a one-man show.

So, it is best to find a tie that complements the suit instead of building the outfit around a tie.

perfect tie for your suit

Proportions to keep in mind

Ties come in a variety of lengths and sizes. Botching up here can make you look pretty sloppy. So, how do you get this right?

When standing in your natural position, the tip of the tie should ideally be in the middle of your waistband/belt.  As a rule of thumb, your tie should roughly be as wide as your lapel. That usually is about 3 to 3.5 inches.

And just look in the mirror to check if you’ve got it right. A perfectly long and wide tie can make your outfit quite sleek.

Pay attention to the patterns

How bland would your ensemble look be if all the pieces had only solid colors? Having multiple patterns gives your outfit the required depth. However, three isn’t always better than two. Make sure you never use more than 2 patterns. Having a different pattern for the shirt, suit, and tie will make your outfit look too loaded.

The most commonly found patterns are solids, dots, stripes, and Paisley. It is best to stick to 2 unique patterns in the outfit. You should either go with a patterned shirt and suit, or patterned shirt and tie.

Avoid using the same pattern for the tie and the shirt. The lack of patterns will make the tie blend into the shirt. You wouldn’t do that to tie, would you?

perfect tie for your suit

The colors should go hand-in-hand

The color of the tie should be darker than that of the shirt. A tie of the same or lighter shade as that of the shirt would make the tie merge into the shirt. Which would defeat the purpose of wearing a tie altogether!

At the same time, the color of the tie should be the same as that of the suit. These colors should complement each other. For example, wear a black tie for a grey business suit. A navy tie would be appropriate for a blue business suit. However, if the jacket is of a very light tone, you must go with a tie that is a lot darker than the jacket.

When it comes to ties, deep blue, purple, and olive green are must-have colors. Ties of these cooler tones go well with shirts and jackets of a large variety of colors.

That does not mean you can never wear ties of warmer tones. In casual settings, you are allowed to go bold. Red, yellow, and orange ties look great on navy or charcoal suits. The contrast makes the tie stand out in the outfit. And obviously, you’ll stand out in the crowd.

The fabric also matters

Although you can wear them all year, silk ties are a good option in spring and summer, thanks to their lightweight.

Linen and Cotton are great options to wear in spring and summer. However, they tend to wrinkle easily and hence, need to be carefully stored to maintain their shape.

Woolen ties are very formal and ideal for winters. Knitted ties have more depth than other ties. They are best for casual occasions.

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