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Work Life Balance: How To Navigate Fatherhood As A First-Time Dad?

Story Time with Daddy

When a couple plans its family, not only the mother carries the baby in her womb, but also the father conceives it in his mind. From planning the finances to sharing responsibilities, he takes care of everything and is equally nervous to take up the new role.

Here is a quick guide for all the soon to be dads which will try to make your journey a little smoother and make sure that you enjoy the entire phase while sailing through it.

  1. Help as much as possible
    Be it a normal delivery or a C-section, the body of the mother needs time to recover hence she needs ample rest. While she has to breast-feed the baby, you can relieve her of other duties and. Allow her to stay composed after all a calm mother is a happier mother, right?

    First-Time Dad

  2. Divide shifts
    If your work demands your daytime, give your nights to the baby and mommy. Be the one who takes care of nights and help the mom to take 4-5 hours of continuous sleep. Dividing the work helps and reduces the chances of unnecessary fights between the couple. And, yes this is the time when you can observe your baby’s activities during night time, you aren’t just awake with it but are also making memories.
  3. Daddies and bottles
    Bond with your baby while taking up the bottle duties, it will not just help the mom to have time-off, but also give you ample time to connect with your junior. Hug your kid, see it playing, feed it, and let it sleep on your chest. Perfect father-baby moments, aren’t they?

    Business man with his son

  4. You got to guard the baby
    Yes, with the new baby coming in the house a lot of friends and relatives would love to meet the mom-baby duo. But you have to come into the action to restrict the number of guests visiting them. They can’t relax with so many people around them. You can make simple excuses like- baby is uncomfortable with the crowd, mom isn’t well, etc.
  5. Don’t try to play a superhero
    Hey, being a father has nothing to do with having superpowers. You are a man and you have your limitations, keep them in mind and keep yourself calm. Whenever required, allow people such as your sister, mother, cousins to help you with diaper changing, bottle feeding, taking the baby in lap, etc. Conserve your energy for the more important stuff.

    Dad with his baby

  6. Listen to them all, apply your brain
    You will meet so many people before embarking the journey of fatherhood and everyone would share their experience and offer you free advice. It’s completely up to you that you lend your ears to whom and ignore whose advice. Remember, it’s your family, your baby, you know them better.

Now that you know what needs to be done, we are sure you’re ready for the most exciting phase of your life. Just stay calm, enjoy every bit of it, and make tonnes of memories as these moments are to be cherished forever.

Have happy parenting…!

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