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Business Trip: Things You Can Do To Keep Yourself Busy On A Long Haul Flight

Long Haul Flight

A lot of things come to mind when we think of journeys via a flight. Tasty snacks, peering through the windows, comfy seats, and above all, surfing through the bed of clouds. But none of us does anticipate any other list of things that can be carried out on a flight.

Imagine after getting seated on a plane, and you find out that your phone is half-dead and there is a dearth of possibilities to get it on a full charge mode. Then what to do for the rest flying hours? Well, fret not, as other things can be taken into account after boarding a long flight to keep you engaged.

Let us now go through the below list and check out the various things to do to utilize the flight time best.

  1. Reading a Book: If you are aboard on a long haul flight, then it is best advised to carry a book with you. It is an already busted fact that combating flight hours when you travel alone is a pretty tough job. On the other hand, carrying a good book will let you leaf through the pages at your comfort. Not only it will help you to kill time, but you can also chance upon a good story and get to the climax pretty soon.

    Long Haul Flight Reading

  2. Pen Down A Journal: It may sound cliché at first, but it is the best thing to do on a flight journey. Many of us are thwarted in a situation when after coming down from a holiday, memories seem hazy or vague, and we cannot remember the details. So why not pen it down in the form of a journal. List down all the experiences you have had till now and continue the same throughout the journey. And after landing on the destination, you can coin a blog post on the same and share it with other users.

    Airplane aisle during flight

  3. Indulge in a game: One of the failsafe ways of keeping yourself engaged is by playing a game. While boardgames may be cumbersome, playing cards, on the other hand, are very easy to carry. All you need to have is a pen, paper and a deck of cards to enjoy fully. Start by playing UNO, Bluff, Rummy, Monopoly Deal, and you will be surprised to see that time has flown by.

    Long Haul Flight

  4. Do Something in Crafty: Crafts are one of those things that help people to unwind quickly. With the increase in adult colouring books in this day and age, art is recognized as one of the primary methods to de-stress. Pick up some of these books from the airports or local bookstore, and indulge in a colorful way of spending time ahead. Fill in fresh shades of your choice and see the image in the book come to life before eyes. And who knows you might get to learn a new skill on the go!
  5. Try Learning the Local Language: Sometimes, the destinations we embark on have a new language and culture. So why not learn a few words and phrases before landing. Pick up some general terms like “hello”, “thank you”, and “goodbye” and tune in to the site Duolingo where the whole learning process will be fun and interactive. There will be various tests conducted based on reading and listening ability and will help you learn a few essential phrases ahead of your trip.

    Long Haul Flight taking a nap

  6. Stretch Your Legs More often: Many of you might not know this, but being seated on a single position for long flight hours can lead to all sorts of health issues. So instead of cramping up, take a short walk around the plane at small intervals. Also, you can ask for an extra bottle of water from the flight attendant to stay hydrated.

Flight journeys can be excited and made more exciting if we want to. All it takes is a little amount of effort from our side for spending the time more articulately. So whenever you plan your next flight journey, follow these tips as mentioned above and tricks for an enjoyable time throughout the flying hours.

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