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5 Travel Mistakes That Can End Up Being Too Expensive For You

Travel Mistakes

Planning big for your next travel? I presume that you are aiming for a luxury vacation in a place where you can find the right amount of excitement and experiences.

But, while you may think that luxury vacation is all about spending your heart out, you could not be farther from the truth.

If you wish to plan effectively for a good, luxurious vacation, then you must be smart with how you spend it too. Just because you have all the money in the world to spend on this vacation does not mean you should spend it wherever you find an opportunity.

Travel mistakes are common; they are especially common among those who are aiming for a luxury vacation. In this article, I aim to guide you about areas where you should spend wisely regardless of how fancy your budget is. Find out what those areas are in the following list of 5 travel mistakes you must avoid. So, here we go!

  1. Not Checking The Travel Insurance Box: We often take for granted the utility of travel insurance; but trust me, when emergencies occur during travel, travel insurance could bring you a much-needed breather. Of course, you will have to shell a bit for availing the said insurance, but it could save you from losses much more than what you pay. You do not come with plot armour that no emergencies will even happen to you during travel. Anything can happen—much beyond your preparation—such as flight cancellations, vehicular accidents, medical exigencies, and whatnot. If you are insured, you do not have to worry about the same.

  2. Not Concerned About Mobile Phone Plans: A mobile phone is our everyday partner. It is hard to imagine our lives without it considering how intricately our lives have become connected with the world over a gadget like this. It is, especially, handy when you are travelling. But, travelling abroad could turn out to be an expensive affair and a lot of the expense might come from your mobile plans. So, before you leave your place for a vacation, make sure you check with the service provider about international plans. Also, many countries offer free internet connectivity in public places; make the best use of it and connect as much using Apps such as Facebook, Google Duo and Skype.

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  3. Not Knowing How Much Extra For Extra Luggage: I get it that you want to go all out for this vacation, but spending unnecessarily for overweight luggage does not make sense. You should know that many airlines operate very unpleasant luggage policies and charge crazily for overweight luggage. It is, therefore, necessary to read carefully the luggage policies of the airline whose services you are going to take. But, if you want to save yourself from these hassles, travel light. There is no point in grabbing everything and stuffing it in your bag—only take the things which are absolutely essential and without which your survival is nearly impossible.

  4. Not being serious about flight schedule: With all the luxuries in the world, time is not one of them. If you do not board your flight on time, you are not flying. It is as simple as that. I understand that there are passengers who are not very good at keeping pace with time and often miss flights. But, a foreign trip is not a usual trip and requires a lot of your financial resources. If you miss one flight, you will have to suffer a lot of monetary (and emotional) loss. Therefore, it is advised that you plan your flights considering, among many other things, the time. Decide whether an early morning flight or late-night flight is something you can deal with comfortably. Also, check how much time will be needed for getting by queues, traffic and border control.

  5. Not Being On Guard: Luxury vacation or not, you will be visiting public spaces anyway. When you do that, you are prone to getting robbed, Even the most popular tourist destinations such as Rome and Brazil are quite notorious for being places where tourists get robbed. Therefore, it is necessary that you dress right—possibly in layers—and be on guard all the time. Read extensively about tourist scams in the area of visit and always keep your essentials, especially wallet, buried in layers or attached to a chain or something like that.

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